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I heard brushing your teeth with baking soda works

For more details, check out

You can go to the store and buy chrest whitening strips, they work wonderfully.

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How can you whiten your teeth with home substances?

Brush your teeth with baking soda.

How can you safely whiten your sensitive teeth?

Options for this will include professional or at home whitening. The professionals will be able to safely whiten your teeth with the knowledge of how to whiten sensitive teeth. However, this can be quite expensive. The at home teeth whitening kits are much cheaper, but without expertise may lead to damaging your teeth.

Can one whiten teeth with opalescence gel at home?

No it is too hard to whiten your teeth at home and it usually does not work as well as having a dentist or someone else do it for you. This is the best option for whiter teeth.

What home ingredient can you put on your teeth to whiten them?


What is a way to whiten your teeth naturally at home?

baking soda

Are there any home remedies to whiten your teeth?

brush your teeth with baking soda after brushing them reguarly

How do you whiten yellow teeth at home?

you can whiten yellow teeth at home by brushing your teeth more than twice a day,and you can direct apply a Hydrogen peroxide mixed with water in to your teeth.Please be careful when applying,this may can cause damage to your gums.

What are some ways to whiten your teeth at home?

poo on the boys toilet floor

How do you get your teeth whitened easily at home?

To whiten your teeth at home, you can use baking soda. This is good for your breathe, too. It can neutralize odors, and it whitens teeth and gets rid of stains.

How do you whiten teeth at home?

Mix bakeing soda in with ur tooth paste it works!!

What is a good teeth whitener? . Good luck! I hope it works!! :)

Where can I find infomation on how to whiten teeth naturally?

The 12 best ways to whiten your teeth you can read here: Well structured information.

Does soot whiten teeth?


Does making out whiten your teeth?


What are some at home methods to use to whiten teeth?

Some home methods for whitening teeth include using strawberries and baking soda. They are both very effective.

Does sperm whitens teeth?

No, sperm is not used to whiten teeth. There are special kits you can buy to whiten your teeth, but always check with a dentist if you have a lot of dental work.

Can a mans semen whiten your teeth?

It will not make your teeth whiter.

Does swallowing sperm whiten your teeth?


Do strawberries whiten your teeth?


Can vaseline whiten your teeth?

no lol

Can you whiten your teeth if you have fillings?


Can milk help whiten teeth?


Can you whiten teeth if you have a lot of decay?


Why is aqua in toothpaste?

to whiten your teeth

Does toothpaste whiten skin?

No, toothpaste will not whiten any type of skin pigment. However, it will whiten your teeth if used directly.

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