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There are lots of ways to wire 3-ways. Since I can't see your setup I'll just give you the basics. Each switch has a common . Between the switches, you have to have the traveler wires. You can use your 14-2 for this. On the common screws, you have either a feed, or a switch leg . Now how you get those there is up to you. Your light has to have a neutral and should be from the same feed source not from another circuit. Another option is to install an "RF" based 3 way switching system when travelers are not available. All you need to do then is hook up the "master" switch like a normal single pole switch and the install the "accessory" switch at another location and just supply power to that switch and you have yourself an easy installed 3 way switch.

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Q: How do you wire two 3-way switches before the light with only 14-2 if you are unable to pull another hot wire?
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Why you are unable to see objects sometimes when switch light?

Because the light is un-switch before

How do you hook up one light and two switches?

You can put both of the switches conected on the light

What will happen if the two switches connected to light up a single bulb are on?

It is dependant on whether the switches are in wired in a parallel or series configuration. If the switches are wires in parallel then both switches would have to be off to turn the light bulb off. Either switch could turn the light bulb on. If the switches are wired in series then both switches would have to be on to turn the light bulb on. Either switch could turn the light bulb off.

How do you wire one light and one GFCI and another light light and fan with two switches and one power line?

Connect the incoming power to the line side of the GFCi outlet. Now run another wire connected to the line side of the GFCI outlet from the GFCI outlet to the switches. Power one of the switches and use that switch to turn on the 2 lights. Run power from that switch to another switch and use that switch to send power to the fan. Mount both switches in a double pole switch box. If the light above the sink has an outlet on it then you will have to connect power going to that light on the load side of the GFCI outlet. If not then just connect it to the line side.

Where are light switches made?

In a light switch factory......

If you have a light in your kitchen operated by two different switches is it right that you should still get a power reading when the switches are off?

Yes, because the light is using 3-way switches. There is always "power" travelling between the switches.

Your light has a dimmer switch on and the light wont work?

Dimmer switches go bad, more often than regular switches.

Suppose you have a single light that can be turned on and off by 2 separate switches if you flick both switches at exactly the same time what will happen?

The single light will not come on. The traveler legs from the two switches will have to be opened simultaneously if they are not then you will get a flick of light.

Is it required for bathroom light switches to be protected by the GFCI?

the oulets yes the switches would be a no

Are light switches required on all lights or are pull strings allowed?

A pull-string or pull-chain switch IS a light switch. Some other types of light switches are called wall switches and cord switches.For more information see the answers to the Related questions shown below.

Can you connect one single light switch to another single light switch to control the same light on or off.?

Yes you can. There are three ways of doing this. Two are incorrect and one is the correct way of doing it.The two switches can be paralleled together to make the light fixture respond. Both of the two switches will always have to be in the on position. Either switch will turn the light off but the second switch will not turn the light on. Very inconvenient when you enter a room through one door and leave by another.The two switches can be wired in series. Both switches have to be on to operate the light but again if one of either switch is left in the off position the other switch will not operate the light fixture. Very inconvenient when you enter a room through one door and leave by another.The correct way of wiring two switches to control a central light fixture is with a three way switching system (two way in the UK). The two positions have to have special three way switches in each position. These types of switches sort out the problems of leaving a switch in a certain position to operate properly. The only criteria is that there be a three conductor cable joining the two three way switch boxes together.See related links below.

How can two switches on different floors turn on one light?

They are called three-way-switches. They are both wired into the same circuit that controls the light.

Can dimmer switches be used with 3 way switches?

Yes. Instead of sending the hot wire straight from one of the three way switches to the light, put a dimmer switch on the hot wire to control the light.

A light bulb is hanging in the first floor of the room There are three switches in the ground floor room One of these switches belongs to that light bulb The light bulb is not lit and the switches?

All the switches to be tried first. 2 out of 3 must be switches of the ground floor room. So which ever doesn't work for the ground floor electronics must be first floor bulb switch J

How do you test controls switches on gas furnace?

by turning the control switches to the on position and attempting to light the furnace.

Is there two stop light switches for the 2005 Nissan Sentra?

I need to know if there are two stop light switches for rear lights on my Nissan sentra 2005.

Are light switches connected in a series or in parallel?


What are the 3 prong switches on the 1974 vw super beetle mater brake cylinder?

The brake light switches.

What is a AND circuit?

An AND circuit is a circuit that takes two or more inputs, and generates an output that is the boolean AND function of those inputs. Two light switches in series, for instance, is an AND circuit because both switches have to be on for the light to be on. If the switches were wired in parallel to each other, and then in series with the light, that would be an OR circuit.

You have an outlet with three light switches controlling three different lights what is this called?

A triplex outlet. It is a simple device unless one or more of these switches are "3way" switches.

Where are mondeo brake light swiches?

Brake light switches are above the brake pedal

Can switches control each branch in a parallel circuit separately?

Yes, that's exactly what your light switches are doing at home.

Why did John Henry Holmes invent the light switch?

John Henry Holmes did not invent the light switch! Light switches were in use well before his invention. What he invented was a light switch that did not develop a sustained arc on opening or closing, this arc would damage the switch contacts causing early failure. He used a design called "quick-break" that opened and closed the contacts much faster then earlier light switches.

When were Push button light switches first used?


How is light switches regulated?

By the lighting load it carries, in amps.