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That depends. If they're computer speakers and all your wires are headphone-jack style, then all you do is run the headphone wire from your speakers and plug it into your computer speaker input on the sound card, or a headphone jack. If they're not computer speakers and you want to wire component speakers through your computer, you'll need a receiver to power them, speaker wire to go from your speakers to the receiver, and a cable to go from your receiver "input jack" to your computer. That cable should have a red and white RCA on one end, and a headpone jack on the other.

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Q: How do you wire your speakers?
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How do I wire in new speakers for my 2002 Chevy Cavalier?

To wire new speakers, you will need to remove your existing speakers first. Check your owners manual to find the location and instructions.

Can you use phone wire for speaker wire?

You can but it is not a good choice, you need flexible wire for speakers.

When hooking up an amp and speakers do you wire the speakers through the stereo or the amp?

Hook your speakers up to the amp.

How do you wire underwater speakers?

In swim trunks

In regards to speakers is the gold wire positive and the silver wire negative?


How do you rewire speakers in a 1990 GMC suburban?

first you must remove the plastic casing from the rear speakers and remove the dashboard. then disconnect the old speaker wire from the old speakers and tie the new wire to the old wire. at the radio, pull the speaker wires one by one until the new wire reaches you. then splice the new speaker wire to both the radio and the speakers and replace the dash and covers

How do you wire stereo speaker wire to stereo plug?

in the red or white at the back of the speakers

Colors of speaker wire to speakers?

no it doesnt matter for large house speakers but if you have little speakers hooked up to something small then it will matter.

What size are the speakers on the door of a 1997 Chevy cavalier z24?

4x6 ...On the new speakers the big wire connector is the positive (+) .....the left positive speaker wire is Tan.... The right Positive wire is Lt. Green

Is the radio signal wire the same as speaker output?

no its bigger than the wire used with the speakers

How do you wire multiple speakers together?

Speakers can be wired in parallel or in series. Take the speaker wire from the output, and wire the speakers like so: (ignore the squiggles, they represent spaces) ----|------| S S ----|------| For a parallel wiring. This will reduce the impedance of each speaker, though, so two ohm speakers should be used insead of four ohm speakers. Wire them like this: ----| S | S ----| for series wiring. This will increase impedance though, so eight ohm speakers should be bought instead of four. You will be fine using four ohm speakers in either case, but will lose clarity.

What type of wire for speakers in your car?

16 or 18 gauge

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