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There should be a label on the appliance that gives the amount of energy/wattage it uses. it could be on the bottom, side, inside, etc. If the only thing listed is "amps" you can multiply the number of amps x 120 to find out the wattage. The wattage number listed is the maximum amount the appliance uses, a refrigerator listing 500 indicates that is the amount expended when the compressor is operating.

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Q: How do you work out how much electricity an appliance uses?
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Will an electric tankless water heater work when the power goes out?

No, an electric appliance will not work without electricity.

What do floods cause electricity to do?

Well, it depends on the appliance. Water with electricity is a bad idea and if you it strikes you while you have water on yourself or if an appliance is in water and plugged in, if you touch the water it may shock you and even kill you. A fire may also start and the appliance might no longer work.

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Can you use an appliance on a 110 volts when it requires 120 volts?

Some appliances, like air conditioners and clothes dryers require about twice as much electricity as most other devices, and require their own 220V supply of electricity. Your appliance will not work with only half the amount of electricity it needs. I recommend calling an electrician and having him install the appropriate plug.

When we 'switch on an electrical appliance' what change are we making to the circuit?

By 'switching on an electrical appliance' we are completing (closing) the electrical circuit, allowing electricity to flow and the device to work.

If an appliance does NOT work at all when you plug it in and turn the switch on the appliance circuit is?

If an appliance does not work at all when you plug it in and turn the switch on the appliance circuit is not on.

Electricity can be used to move magnets which are then used to do work. which device uses electricity in this way?

An electric motor

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The computer you used to post your question with.

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If an appliance does not work at all when you plug it in and turn the switch on the appliance circuit is what?

The appliance's circuit is open.

How do you use the word appliance in a sentence?

The appliance helped me at work

How much money does a appliance repair man make a year?

depand on company yu work for

How much electricity does the average worker use each day?

The average worker uses about 600 TVH. This depends on how energy efficient their workplace is and what kind of environment they work in.

Will a 220 volt appliance work with 240 volt service?

Yes in most cases. If you live in the US and your appliance was made to work in the US and you have Two Hot conductors, red and black and your appliance says its rated for 220 V your ready to roll. If you live in the US and your appliance was made to work elsewhere in the world with the exception for Canada then its very doubtful. The US uses Split-Phase 240V so you can get 120V Circuits also and most of the rest of the world uses 240V Single Phase right to their regular receptacles. 220V is an archaic term and is meant to be used in the 220V-250V range

Will a 240 volt appliance work with 200 volt supply?

Yes, a 240 volt appliance will work with a 200 volt supply.

before you do any troubleshooting or repair work on your appliance?

I think that you need to disconnect your appliance first. Actually, why don't you just have a real electrician take a look at it? That would be much better.

What is the difference between an open circuit and a closed circuit?

In an open circuit, electricity stops. Closed circuit, electricity goes. Therefore, in an open circuit, the electrical appliance cannot work, but in a closed circuit, the electrical appliance can workOpen Circuts are incomplete and Closed Circuts are complete and they let electrons flow through them.Checked by MacMillian MaGraw Hill Science Book.

What will happen to an appliance if the fuse rating is less than the current an appliance needed?

The appliance will not work because the fuse will blow every time.

How much electricity does a home phone use per hour?

not much but ,you dont have to worry about that because the phone doesnt work off your electricity

What do magnets have to do with electricity?

Magnets have so much to do with electricity since magnetic fields produce an electric current. Magnetism and electricity work hand in hand.

Does an electromagnet work without a switch?

Yes it does but dont leave it on for too long since it uses a lot of electricity.

A particular device uses electromagnetism by using electricity to move magnets. The magnets in this device are than used to work. Which device uses electromagnetism In this way?

An electric motor

Can 120V appliance work with 220V?

120V appliance will not work on 220V. Use an instrument transformer or voltage regulator to adjust the high voltage to the desired level.