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Q: How do you write 1753 in Spanish?
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Who rebelled against the spanish rule in Mexico?

Priest Miguel Hidalgo (1753 - 1811) is regarded as the original leader of the insurgents who finally ended Spanish rule in Mexico.

What is 8765 divided by 5?


How do you write i in Spanish?

the way to write "i" in spanish is "yo"I= yo

When did the conflict in the Ohio valley happen?

1753 1753

How do you say 1753 in spanish?

mil setecientos cincuenta y tres

How do you write 725 in Spanish?

In Spanish, you write '725' - 'setecientos veinticinco'.

How do you write our hearts are broken in Spanish?

How to write "our hearts are broken" in Spanish.

How do you write but in Spanish?

But in Spanish is: pero.

What does Can you write in Spanish mean?

I will assume you mean "What is 'can you write in Spanish?' translated into Spanish". The phrase in Spanish is "¿Puedes escribir en español?".

How do you write no one in Spanish?

in Spanish you would write no one like this: nadie

How do write in spanish thank you my love?

how do i write in spanish lanque "thank you my love"

How many feet is 1753 meters?

1753 meters = 5,751.31 feet.