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5X = Y12 ????

If so....,

Y12 = 5X

Y = 12th root(5X)


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How do you rewrite an equation in function form?

lets say you have to write 5x+6y=-12 in function form. when you are writing an equation in function form, you usually solve for f(x) or g(x), but in this case, y is the same as f(x) or g(x). so to write 5x+6y=-12 in function form, you do this: 5x+6y=-12 6y= -5x -12 subtract 5x from both sides y= -5/6x -2 divide both sides by 6

Why are linear equation named linear equation?

Y = 5X - 3It form a linear function; a line.

Is x2 plus 5x a function?

No. x2+5x is a polynomial, an algebraic expression or a formula, but it is not a function. It could be used to help define a function. {(x,y) | y = x2 + 5x , x any real number} is a function

What is the exponential form of -5x-5x-5x-5?

It is -5*(3x + 1), no exponents are required.

How do you find the numbers x-intercepts of function y equals 5x'2?

5x²=0 X=0 the function y=5x² only intercepts x when x = 0

What is the period of the function sin-5x?

It 2*pi/5 radians or 72 degrees.

How do you write this equation slope-intercept form 5x 3y- 9?

IF 5x+3y=-9 you would subtract 5x on both sides so you would then have 3y=-5x-9 then you would divide by 3 on both sides so your answer would be y=-5/3x-3

Is y equals 5x plus 1 a function?

Y = 5X + 1 Is a line and should pass the vertical line test for functions, so this is a function.

Is 5x a numerical expression?

It is 1 term of an algebraic expression in the form of 5x

Is 5x plus 4y equals 0 a function?

Yes it is a function. 5x + 4y = 0 the same as: 5x = -4y You can also solve for either variable. x = - ( 4 / 5 ) y y = - ( 5 / 4 ) x

Given the rational function 2x-3x2 -5x-6 find the verticle and horizontal asymptotes?

f(x) = (2x - 3x2)/(-5x - 6)f(x) = -(3x2 - 2x)/-(5x + 6)f(x) = (3x2 - 2x)/(5x + 6)5x + 6 = 05x + 6 - 6 = 0 - 65x = -65x/5 = -6/5x = -6/5 (the vertical asymptote of f)Since the degree of the polynomial function in the numerator is greater than the degree of the polynomial function in the denominator, then the graph of f has no horizontal asymptote.

What is the simplest form of 5x x 4x?

5x x 4x = 20x^2 5x + x + 4x = 10x

What is the slope and y-intercept of 5x plus 2y plus 3 equals 0?

Put in point slope/function form. 5X + 2Y + 3 = 0 5X + 2Y = - 3 2Y = - 5X - 3 Y = - 5/2X - 3/2 slope = - 5/2 ---------------- Y intercept = - 3/2 -------------------------

What is 5x-2y equals 10 in slope intercept form?

5x - 2y = 10 2y = 5x - 10 y = 2.5x - 5......which is the equation in slope intercept form.

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