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Q: How do you write Haley in Greek?
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What is Haley in Greek?


When did alex Haley write roots?


What does the name Hailey mean in Greek?

The Name Hailey means"Hero" in Greek. ( Resourse from Name

How is Rick Riordan inspired by fans to write books?

He was inspired by his daughter son (Haley is a boy Don't believe me? got to his web page and check it out PROOF)who has dyslexia and is facinated by greek mythology.

Why did alex Haley write roots?

because he wanted to prove somink

How do you write yes in greek?

To write the word yes in Greek you write vai. To write the word no in Greek you spell it as ochi, and maybe is isos.

What inspired Rick Riordan to write The Lightning Thief?

Rick Riordan was inspired to write "The Lightning Thief" after running out of mythology bedtime stories to tell his son. He decided to create his own story based on Greek mythology, featuring a modern-day hero. This idea eventually led to the creation of Percy Jackson and the successful book series.

How do you write thirteen in Greek?

You write, dekatria, or in greek alphabet, δεκατρία.

How do you write in greek have a happy life?

how do you write in greek have a happy life

How do you write Hades' name in Greek?

Άδη is how you write hades in Greek

What is the name 'Haley' when translated from English to Japanese?

Since Haley is of Scandinavian origin, it means: heroine. There is no Japanese connection.

How do you write gabrielle in the Greek alphabet?

You write: Γκάμπριελ (Gabrielle) and the translation in Greek is Γαβριέλλα (Ghavriella).