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Q: How do you write Tu trabajas en casa as a question?
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How would you write your house in spanish?

Either "su casa" (formal) or "tu casa" (informal) depending on who you are talking to. "mi casa" = 'my house'

What does hay una sala en tu casa mean?

It depends on whether this is a statement or a question: ?Hay una sala en tu casa? = Is there a room in your house. Hay una sala en tu casa. There is a room in your house.

How do you say si y tu trabajas hoy in English?

Assuming you meant: "Sí, y tú trabajas hoy." then it would mean: "Yes, and you work today."

How do you say go home in spanish?

vete a tu casa vete para tu casa

What does que hay en tu casa mean?

Que -> what en > inside tu > you or your casa>house hay> there is/are Que hay en tu casa means, "what is there in your house?"

What are the ratings and certificates for Mi casa es tu casa - 2002?

Mi casa es tu casa - 2002 is rated/received certificates of: Spain:13

What actors and actresses appeared in Tu Casa Tu Cocina - 2009?

The cast of Tu Casa Tu Cocina - 2009 includes: Antonio Espejo as himself

What does dibuja tu casa English?

Dibuja tu casa = Draw your house. (Make a drawing of your house)

What are the release dates for Cousins or Mi Casa - Tu Casa - 2007?

Cousins or Mi Casa - Tu Casa - 2007 was released on: USA: 12 December 2007 (video premiere)

How do you say 'love your home' in spanish?

you can say : "me encanta tu casa/hogar" or "me gusta tu casa/hogar"

How do you say welcome to our place in mexican?

Mi casa, tu casa.

What dose Mi Casa and Tu Casa mean?

My house, your house