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The following is assuming the doctorate is a PhD.

Joseph Williams M.B.A., PhD. However, many individuals only list the highest level of educational attainment, unless there is a necessity to indicate both, which could be determined by ones position within a specific organization. Listing both in many cases is just an overkill.

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It depends on the specifics of your job placement. Some situations an individual may want to emphasize the PhD, some situations MD, some both.

Here are examples, assume all three are the same person, who holds both MD and PhD degrees:

1) John Smith, M.D., Ph.D. - A Medical School Professor in the Faculty Directory

2) Dr. John Smith, M.D., Ph.D. - A Medical School Professor Appearing on TV

3) Dr. John Smith, M.D. - A Medical Doctor, in a Plastic Surgery Practice (where PhD carries little weight).

I'm just giving examples of how my father's title changes depending on who he is being presented to (he earned MD and PhD separately, though I don't think earning them as a joint degree changes anything. They are both valid degrees on their own).

In most academic situations everybody is assumed to have a PhD, so it is often left off entirely.

However a Medical School professor doesn't necessarily have a PhD, but most certainly has an MD. Yet to leave out the MD in the case of a Medical School Professor, and to only use the PhD would lead many people to assume that they are only a PhD, which is why you won't see that happen.

A lay audience often is less educated and thus is more likely to think that if somebody has a degree they would say so, i.e., "Fox Medical Correspondent Dr. John Smith, M.D., Ph.D., " has both MD and PhDs while "John Smith, M.D., Ph.D." might not be a doctor (again, I would never think that, you may never think that, but some people are just uneducated on the decorum of doctors of all kinds.)

Also note that while Dr______MD are always used together, Dr_____PhD are not, as often it's either Dr OR PhD, i.e., one or the other in academia/higher-learning.

Hope that helps.

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Q: How do you write a MD Ph.D name?
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