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How do you write a bibliography about oneself?

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A bibliography is when you write down all of your resources

I read a bibliography in the library yesterday.

We had to write a bibliography at the bottom of our paper to list the references we used.

Copy the URL into into the Bibliography instead of "Title"

To write an annotated bibliography you list all your sources in alphabetical order, then you write a short paragraph on how the source helped you.

A bibliography is a list of all the sources in alphabetical order that you have used to write your report.

Wikipedia has an entry: Bibliography. It gives you the elements of a bibliography and how to organize it.

It is correctly spelt "bibliography"

I'm pretty sure you need to cite it, you need to write a bibliography crediting the author if you take notes from it.

in a bibliography is where you put your work cited... or the websites or books you used in your paper, project, ext.

Depending on how you mean this, a bibliography is a list of resources...If you mean righting the website as a resource you would just write the whole website address (Ex. How_do_yo_write_a_bibliography_on_a_website)I'm not sure how you would write a bibliography on a website itself.

It is uncommon to write a bibliography for a film. However, Oliver Stone and Sachary Sklar wrote a documented screenplay, The Book of The Film, about the Oliver Stone film, JFK. In this book, there is a bibliography, formatted in the classic bibliography format, and documenting the sources used to construct the script.

on a bibliography you write sites that u visited while u were searching for information

bibliography are the references : such as books and websites For eg; websites wikipedia . . books..

I don't know anything about writing for movies, but I suggest you do the MLA style bibliography that you know or get a script and see how they wrote a bibliography for a movie.

Click on the link below for detailed instructions.

Contains the sources you used to write your essay.

Go to and it will do your bibliography for you. It's also a free website so it doesn't cost anything.

Go to It's free and easy

we havve to write the source of the informastion

To write an Annotated Bibliography you have to list recources used for your project or whatever your doing and then explain how it helped you in your reaserch. For an NHD project its exactlly like that.*NHD- National History Day

Write a short story about somewhere you have visited, even if you "borrow" a little from a travel book.

Yes. Also, Annotated Bibliography should be centered but not italicized, underlined,enclosed in quotation marks, etc. It should be typed in the same font as the essay.