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How do you write a dairy entry?


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Format for diary entry:

Date: 02- 15- 2012

Salutation : eg: Dear Diary,

Introduction: A comment on how the day was. eg. Today was a fabulous day! or Today was one of worst days.... No day could be worse than today, etc.

Body: It is the main part of the diary entry. You must write on what happened and what you felt and stuff. Add more details but not in a formal way, it must be a sort of informal. You could also write on how you'll react the next time when sth like this happens. This para must have only 50- 100 words in maximum.

Conclusion: The dairy could be ended on what you think about the particular day or how you feel now, like- I am really exhausted after all these horrible stuff or Days like these are very few, I donno when I'll get to have one like this again.

Remember, Conclusion must be in 2-3 sentences and intro must be shorter or about the size of conclusion. And no need to write "date: " before you write the date just write the date. Just the same way no need to write Intro: or Body: and stuff just write them