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How do you write a number as a product?


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The number 4 is a product of 2 x 2, for example.


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write the number 14as a product of prime factor?

Write a pair of number which have a sum of 11 and a product of 24?

write the prime factorization of the number. simple as that.

You cannot because the value of "the number" has not been specified.

The product of two numbers is the resulting number when they are multiplied together. As there is an infinite amount of numbers it would be impossible to write out the result of the product of all pairs of numbers

To write a composite number as a product of two prime numbers, write it as an answered multiplication question like 2 x 17 = 34 or 3 x 3 x 7 = 63.

step 1 write each mixed number as an improper fraction step 2 look for common factor and simplify step 3 multiply write the product as a mixed number

True(Prime factorization is to write a composite number as a product of its prime factors).

As a product of its prime factors in exponents: 22*3*52 = 300

To write a composite whole number as the product of its prime factors is to write its prime factorization.

For n=number 12xn, (12)(n), (12)n, 12(n), or 12n

Choose a letter for "a number"; for example, "x". Then write 20 in front of it, in this example, "20x".

359 itself is a prime number.So, written as the product of primes, it's . . . . .1 x 359

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