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Assignments like this one are meant to get you to think. You have to imagine what sorts of things has happened to the object, and then write down what that object would say if it could talk. It doesn't really matter what you put down, so long as you have spent a little time thinking. Of course, if you write that your jacket rode on the moon rocket, your teacher might not give you a very good grade. Here are some examples from our contributors: Ideas about an autobiography by a shoelace First think about your subject. Put yourself in the place of the shoelace.

Were you purchased with the shoe or in a separate package?

Were you used in a sneaker, a work boot, and toddler's shoe who is learning to tie?

Did you go out in any sort of weather?

Were you involved in a sports activity?

Were you ever used in an emergency to tie a package or hold open a door?

Just think about all the things the string would do until the shoe either wore out or the string broke. Ideas about an autobiography of a bank note Think about the bank note. Put yourself in it's place. Which mint created you? What country are you from? What demonination note are you? Are you one that is often spent, or often saved? What sorts of things have you bought? What people have carried you?

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Q: How do you write a story from the viewpoint of an inanimate object?
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