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WikiAnswers will not do your paragraph for you, but we WILL help you learn how to do it yourself! Click on the related link to learn more about topic sentences.

You need to decide what is the most interesting point of this assignment for you, because writing is easiest if you write about something you find interesting! Nobody else can give you a "good topic" because our ideas will not be interesting to you. Pick the thing that you think is most interesting or most important, and make that the topic.

If you just start writing, you will be through with your assignment before you know it!

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Q: How do you write an introductory paragraph about the park?
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How can one write a classification essay?

To write a classification essay, you need to have an introductory paragraph, a body paragraph and a concluding paragraph. You can learn more about writing essays at the about website.

How do you write an introductory paragraph on crime scene investigators?

bolbol mong malaki

What are the elev en kinds of introductory paragraph?

kinds of introductory paragraph

Methods of developing paragraph?

what is definition in paragraph development

How are body paragraphs related to the introductory paragraphs?

The introductory paragraph presents the overall thesis, and each body paragraph focuses on an individual claim.

In which paragraph should the thesis be first presented?

Introductory paragraph

What is the main point of the introductory paragraph?

The main point of the introductory paragraph is to introduce the reader to what the essay will be about.

What is introductory sentence?

The introductory sentence is usually the open sentence of the paragraph. This sentence is what captures the reader's interest and leads him into the topic of the paragraph. The introductory sentence is usually followed by the topic sentence.

Where will you find the thesis sentence in an introductory paragraph?

A lot of times you will find the thesis sentence in an introductory paragraph in the very first sentence. The thesis statement can be anywhere in the first paragraph.

What are the elements of essay?

Beginning in grade school students are normally asked to write essay papers. The basic structure of the essay contains an introductory paragraph, the body of the essay, and a closing. Some essay structures may also call for a thesis prior to the introductory paragraph.

What is the introductory paragraph for the constitution called?

the preamble

What is introductory?

it is the sentence that makes the paragraph interesting