Ode to Joy

How do you write an ode?

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*First thins first, you have to come up with a subject.

*After you have done that you'll need to come up with ideas to support that topic (ex: ice cream- silky, smooth, creamy...).

*Next jot down sentences that have to do with it and talk about what you like about it(ex: Oh, ice cream you are so sweet, in the summer you're a very good treat...)

*After that try to meke every thing make sence like switch sentences here and ther to make it understanable

*The Last thing you can do is make it rhyme. You don't have to, it's just recommended

*Try to make the ending reffer back to the begining

--hope this helps :P god bless

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you would have to write an ode.

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John Keats wrote poems including: Ode to a Nightingale Ode on a Grecian Urn Ode to Psyche To Autumn Ode on Melancholy Ode on Indolence Ode to Fancy

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Ode to Duty has been written by William Wordsworth.

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Nothing, it is meaningless since ode is a noun not a verb. An ode is a poem in praise of something so one could write and ode to a food.

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beethoven did write ode to joy but he was inspired by the poem written by Schiller. i think that he was inspired for a long time.

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