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How do you write an ode?

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*First thins first, you have to come up with a subject.

*After you have done that you'll need to come up with ideas to support that topic (ex: ice cream- silky, smooth, creamy...).

*Next jot down sentences that have to do with it and talk about what you like about it(ex: Oh, ice cream you are so sweet, in the summer you're a very good treat...)

*After that try to meke every thing make sence like switch sentences here and ther to make it understanable

*The Last thing you can do is make it rhyme. You don't have to, it's just recommended

*Try to make the ending reffer back to the begining

--hope this helps :P god bless

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How do you write a adventure in a poem?

you would have to write an ode.

What type of poems did john Keats write?

John Keats wrote poems including: Ode to a Nightingale Ode on a Grecian Urn Ode to Psyche To Autumn Ode on Melancholy Ode on Indolence Ode to Fancy

Did Shelley write an Ode to Duty?

Ode to Duty has been written by William Wordsworth.

What does it mean to ode to a food?

Nothing, it is meaningless since ode is a noun not a verb. An ode is a poem in praise of something so one could write and ode to a food.

Did beethoven write ode to joy?

beethoven did write ode to joy but he was inspired by the poem written by Schiller. i think that he was inspired for a long time.

Why did beethoven write ode to joy?

Beethoven wrote ode to joy to let what he felt about the world.

What did Emerson write?

Bacchus Ode to Beauty

Did Beethoven write ode to joy when he was deaf?


Why did Beethoven write ode to joy on a piano?

for her brother

The definition of an ode poem?

an ode poem is a poem honoring or taking pride in something else. they use to be for war heroes but now people write them about everything. you could also write an ode about something you don't like by using sarcastic humor.

How do you write an ode in poetry?

In an ode, you describe something in detail. You write it to give tribute. ☺ . Ode To Cheese, Which Makes Us Smile, When Camera's go Clack. Ode To Cheese, Which make us taste, The greatest of flavors, the wackiest of whack. Ode To Cheese, Blue, Gorgonzola, American and Cheddar. Ode To Cheese, Beja and Feta, In all types of weather. Ode To Cheese, For those on a diet, or trying to get fatter. Ode To Cheese, with crackers and wine, with grapes can flatter. Ode To Cheese, when you're sad and happy, Cheese just fits. Ode To Cheese, Mountains and Mountains, or bits and bits. Ode to the Cheese, To appreciate, eat, and take pictures. Cited-

Did beethoven sit on a piano bench while writing ode to joy?

Beethoven did write his 9th symphony (Ode To Joy) on the piano bench

What was Beethoven's inspiration to write his last symphony?

feelings, for example the ode to JOY.

What instrument did beethoven write ode to joy on?

beethoven wrote the ninth simphony on piano

When did P B Shelley write the poem 'Ode to the West Wind'?


Can you give me an example of ode poem?

Examples of odes include Ode to a Nightengale, Ode to An Urn, Ode on Wine, Ode to the West Wind.

What kind of ode is Ode on a Grecian Urn?

it is a romantic ode

Can you write me a ode poem?

roses are red violets are blue the cookie monster is cool and so are you

What poems did William Wordsworth write?

He wrote "my heart leaps up" , "Ode to joy" and "Nutting"

What does ''ode'' in slang mean?

Very. ex. "she's ode beautiful or "he ode wild".

What is a 3 letter word for a dedicated poem?

Ode .odeode

What type of poem is ode to enchanted light?

"Ode to Enchanted Light" is an ode.

What kind of poem a poet write in outer space?

Probably an ode to earth, the moon, stars, or the sun...

Example of ode poem?

An ode poem is a poem that is dedicated to one specific thing that a person thinks is wonderful. A few examples of ode poems are "Ode to Autumn" and "Ode to a Nightingale".

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