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Khamets or chomets = חמץ

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Q: How do you write chomets in Hebrew?
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How do you write "Oases" in Hebrew

How do you write rovin in Hindi Hebrew?

There is no such thing as Hindi Hebrew. But if you are asking how to write it in regular Hebrew, it's רובין

How do you write possession in Hebrew?

Possession in Hebrew is רכוש.

How do you write Israeli?

There is no language called Israeli. People speak Hebrew and they write using Hebrew alphabets.

What is the Hebrew name for Lorraine?

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There is no Hebrew equivalent for Terry, but you can write it in Hebrew letters as טרי

How do you write prophets in Hebrew?

"Prophets" is written in Hebrew as "נביאים".

How do you write siddur in Hebrew?

In Hebrew it is spelled like this: סידור

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Lauren in Hebrew: לורן

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there is no definition

How do you write Touraj in Hebrew Words and please write the pronunciation in Hebrew too?

touraj = טוראג׳prounounced TOOR-ahj

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Yes, any Hebrew word can be written in Hebrew script.