How do your ankles swell up?

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A build up of pressure can cause your ankles to swell up

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Q: How do your ankles swell up?
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Do broken ankles swell?


Does altitude make your ankles swell?

yes it does

Can feet and ankles swell from seafood allergy?


Is it normal for your ankles to swell during pregnancy?


Can high blood pressure make ankles swell?


Can wearing boots cause swelling ankles?

Maybe if the boots don't fit. Otherwise, your footwear shouldn't make your ankles swell up, no. You might have a circulation problem - if it keeps up, see a doctor about it.

Does insulin cause your ankles and legs to swell?

yes if the kidneys fail.

Can taking painkillers cause swollen ankles?

can pain meds make your feet swell

What causes left ankle to swell?

Twisting of the ankle and tendonitis. A hike uphill of a person with bad circulation could swell both ankles evenlly. The good thing that if that same person goes on the same uphill hike in a 7 day period this time the ankles will not swell up. this means the first hike was felt by the condition but at the second hike the circulation got better.

What are the benefits of chromium Picolinate?

None that I can fine. It makes my ankles & feet swell really badly.

Why do your ankles swell and throb with pain?

You may have spranged it or like me for months i had this pain and don't know where its comming from!

Why do your ankles and feet swell when drinking alcohol?

The ankles and feet may swell when drinking alcohol because the body cannot process the alcohol fast enough. Water retention can also occur because the kidneys cannot keep up with the added acidity of the blood due to the alcohol.

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