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You must pry off the slide with a knife or some other object, ( pry from the back of the slide). Then there will be a silver pin you

must pop out,( its very easy to push out). Next unscrew the safety on the right side of the gun. Lift up from the barrel and its open.

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You will have to refer to your owners manual. If it is a spring pistol: take out all the screws you see and carefully remember where they go, be careful not to lose any pieces. If it is a Gas pistol: tear down on different models can differ, since your question isn't specific on brand...I can't help you if it is gas powered.

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poke out the safty pin and t

he top will pop off

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Q: How do youtake apart your compact 45 airsoft gun?
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Does it matter what kind airsoft ammo you use?

Yes I have a bunch of airsoft gun's and i have used ammo that is the wrong size... and i clogged the gun and had to take it apart to get it out.

Spring removal from an Airsoft Pistol?

take apart the whole gun

What would happen to an airsoft gun if it was never lubricated?

It will fall apart over time.

How do youtake a glock pistol apart?

Glock will send you a manual for free if you call them or contact them via their web site. Alternatively, a gun shop could show you.

How do you fix your airsoft gun?

Ahh figure out what the problem part is than figure out how to take the gun apart and put it back together from YouTube, an airsoft forum, or from an airsoft website. Than buy the replacement part and put it in the gun. If the gun was bought for under $100 than you would be better off buying a new gun instead.

How do you disassemble an Umarex CP99 Compact BB gun?

Not intended for user to take apart.

How do youbiuld a airsoft gun?

I suggest that you start by finding old, used, or broken airsoft guns (or your own), and taking them apart, to find out how they work. Then, you would have to find a material to build it out of, such as wood or lego's. After that, all you have to do is put everything together, and hey presto, airsoft gun.

Should you get bike parts or an airsoft gun?

An Airsoft gun

What is a pump airsoft gun?

A pump airsoft gun is a gun that has to be pumped every time before shooting. Ex. Airsoft shotgun

Where can you get a Colt Double Eagle spring airsoft gun in black?

Don't think you can. If you can take yours apart you can paint it.

Can you put an electric airsoft gun magazine in a spring airsoft gun?


Does a kp5 sd6 airsoft gun need lube. its an electric airsoft gun.?