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To say "you too" in Spanish, you say "tu tambien".

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How do yu say illustrated by in spanish?

In Spanish you would say "Ilustrado por"

How yu say nothing in spanish?

"Nothing" in Spanish is "nada".

How do yu say window in spanish?

"Window," is "ventana."

How do yu say hello in spanish?

When you meet somebody: !hola! When you say goodbye: !adios!

How do yu say just asking in spanish?

Solo preguntaba = just asking

How yu say nun in spanish?

Una Monja (Pronounced mon-ha)

How do yu say 24 in spanish?

'veinticuatro' is pronounced 'bay-intee-CWATraw'

How do yu say dick sucker in spanish?

I know, but it's a swear word.

How do yu say in in spanish?

very easy...just one letter changes: "en"

How do yu say Erica in Spanish?

It's pronounced 'AY-ree-kah' where 'ay' is as in 'day'

How do yu say in spanish how long are you staying?

"¿Cuánto tiempo quedarte?" or "¿Quánto tiempo te vas a quedar?"

Is there an episode 113 of Yu Yu Hakusho?

Sorry to say there is no 113 of Yu Yu Hakusho. :(

How do yu answer in spanish cuantos anos tienes?

To answer, Cuantos anos tienes?( How old are you?) You say: Tengo __ anos. Filling in the blank with your age.

How do you say raining in Chinese?

yu. For light rain, xiao yu For heavy rain, da yu.

How do yu say erika you baby girl is so beautiful in spanish?

Erika, nina, estamos muy bonita There is a ~ over the n and it is pronounced "neenya"

How do yu say the in spanish?

"The" in Spanish can be either "el" or "la", depending on whether the subject is male or female. It is pronounced "ell" or "lah". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation: http://www.answers.com/library/Translations

How ddo you say ophra in Spanish?

How do you say ophra in spanish? That is how you say "ophra" in spanish.

How do yu ask someones age in spanish?

¿cuantos años tienes?

How do you say you hurt my feelings in spanish?

Hirió / hirieron / heriste / heristeis mis sentimientos.Ha / han / has / habéis herido mis sentimientos.

How do you say not Spanish?

if you want to say not in spanish you would say no.

Is it how do you say chest in spanish?

This is how you say chest in spanish By: Alissa This is how you say chest in spanish By: Alissa

In Chinese how do you say Bridgette?

fukslowlee...... i GUAREENTEE yu that's how you say it.

How do you say don't speak any Spanish in Spanish?

To say, "I don't speak Spanish" in Spanish, you would say "No hablo español."

How do you say hi i still in spanish?

How to say "hi" in spanish is Hola. How to say "bye" in spanish is Adios.

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