How do zebras change while they grow?

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Zebras get charger until they are an adult. There are no other changes.
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How tall can zebras grow?

4 foot tall and if you type in how tall can zebras get do not click the click here button for the answer question differentaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do zebras grow?

Zebras are born, nurse until they are weened, and then eat grasses that provide the necessary nutrients to support cellular mitosis to build the bones, muscles, organs, and in

How do zebra grow up?

they learn to by there mums how to live free and don't need there mum around any more

Why do zebras coat change?

it changes because of weather conditions. In winter season, zebra has a fat coating so it keeps warm and doesn't get too cold. In summer season, the coating of a zebra is less

How much does a zebra grow up to?

As in height? Genereally they grow to 13-14hh. It really depends on their dam and sire, and the envrionment they live in.
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Do stripes grow on zebras naturally?

No, zebra stripes are not natural. A zookeeper, or farmer, comes along in the zebra's childhood and paints them on with a paintbrush and blue painters tape. They are natur
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Can a zebra change from a male to a femail?

Amniotes (reptiles, mammals, birds) cannot change gender without major surgery and medication. Zebras are mammals, so they cannot naturally change gender. Some types of fish a