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Anne describes the Van Daan family as reserved and proper, with Mrs. Van Daan often criticizing her husband and their relationship appearing strained at times. She also notes that the Van Daans argue frequently and have a different dynamic compared to her own family.

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Anne describes the van Daan family mostly referring to mrs. As a foolish little person for making her disgusting remarks for everything. And saying that they are just too nosy

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Peter, Hermann and Auguste Van Dan.

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smart :D

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Q: How does Anne describe the Van Daan family?
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Who were the family's living with the anne frank in hiding?

The Van Daan`s

Who nickname was putti in the play anne frank?

Putti was the nickname of Peter van Daan in the play "The Diary of Anne Frank." He was a character who shared the secret annex with Anne Frank and her family during the Holocaust.

Who is Mr. Van Daan?

Mrs. Van Daan's actual historical name is Auguste van Pels. Mrs. van Daan is a character in Anne Frank's diary that Anne doesn't like because she's selfish and she often starts fights. Some of her strong points include that she is tidy and Anne can approach her.

Who was hiding in the secret annex with Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was hiding in the secret annex with her family (her parents and sister) as well as the van Pels family (Hermann, Auguste, and Peter) and Fritz Pfeffer.

Who is mr and mrs Van Daan?

Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan were a married couple who went into hiding with Anne Frank and her family during World War II in the Secret Annex in Amsterdam. Their real names were Hermann and Auguste van Pels. They had one son, Peter, who became friends with Anne Frank during their time in hiding.

How much older was peter van daan than Anne Frank?

Peter van Daan was three years older than Anne Frank.

Who does anne frank call a hypochondria?

Anne Frank refers to Mrs. Van Daan as a hypochondriac in her diary. She notes Mrs. Van Daan's constant complaints and drama surrounding her health issues.

Who was Mrs Van Daan?

Mrs. Van Daan was one of the eight inhabitants of the Secret Annex in Amsterdam, where Anne Frank and her family went into hiding during World War II. She was the mother of Peter van Daan and often quarreled with other Annex members, especially with Anne.

Who is Mr Van Daan in the book?

Mr. Van Daan is one of the occupants of the Secret Annex in Amsterdam, along with Anne Frank and her family, during World War II. He is the father of Peter Van Daan and has a complex relationship with the other members of the annex.

What is peters last name in anne frank?

Peter's last name in Anne Frank's diary is van Daan. He is referred to as Peter van Daan throughout the diary.

How many people in the secret annex survied the concentration camps?

8 people in total. There was the Frank family: Anne , Margot , Otto and Edith. The Van Pels family: Hermann , Auguste and Peter. And there was Fritz Pfeffer who was a family friend.

What type of cooking does Mr. Van Dan do?

Mr. Van Daan does not do any cooking in the story "The Diary of Anne Frank." He is an inhabitant of the Secret Annex where the Frank family is hiding, and the cooking is mainly done by Miep Gies and Mrs. Van Daan.