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Bella can react to kiss Edward first

But she will kiss Jacob first.

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Q: How does Bella react when she and Edward first kiss?
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Where was Bella and Edward's first kiss?

Bella and Edward's first kiss was in Bella's bedroom, IN THE MOVIE. In the book, however, their first kiss was in the meadow, after Edward sparkles.

Who was Bella's first kiss?


Does Edward Cullen kiss anyone before Bella?

Nope. Bella was his first kiss.

Do Edward and Bella kiss?

Yes Edward and Bella kiss. :)

Where was edward's and Bella's first kiss?

Their first kiss was by Bella's truck on the trail. They had just got back from the meadow, but in the film it is in Bella's bedroom after Edward has snuck in through her window.

Where do edward and Bella first kiss?

In Bella Swan's Bedroom. I Quote from Edward "I want to try something. stay very still" which is then followed by their first kiss.

Where did Edward and Bella first kiss?

near the meadow ...

Where was Bella and edward's first kiss at?

in the book: the Meadow. in the film: Bella's room.

After Bella Swan and Edward Cullen share a second kiss what happens to Bella?

after their FIRST kiss she like jumps into the kiss and after their SECOND kiss Bella faints :) -jackie_ily

Where is Edward and Bella's first kiss in the book?

They first kiss when they arrive at her car after being in the meadow.

When do Bella and edward kiss and Bella passes out?

Bella and Edward first kiss in the first book "Twilight". They are in her bedroom late at night and they are merly testing each others limits. Altought the kiss proves successful for Bella whom wants to push it futher, the kiss is sort of deadly for Edward whom finds his will to kill Bella grow stronger with the physical touch. Does Bella pass out?-No

Where did Edward kiss Bella for the first time?

In the book, Edward first kisses Bella after visiting the meadow. In the movie, Edward first kisses her while she is on her bed (creepy).

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