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Bilbo wears the One Ring and becomes invisible to avoid capture by the wood elves. Then he infiltrates their fortress and roams around all the while being invisible with help of the Ring. Then he uses the Ring to help the captivated Dwarves escape the prison of Thranduil.

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Bilbo Baggins is the only hobbit in the Hobbit. The rest of the main characters are dwarves, wizards, men, elves, and a dragon.

No. Bilbo Baggins did not die; he, Frodo and the rest of the Ring-bearers went with the elves into the Undying-Lands. Undying = does not die.

Bilbo knows his sword was made by the Elves because Gandalf told him when he found it in the cave. Gandalf gave it to the Hobbit in case he ever needed to defend himself on his own.

He does not feel brave although he does get refreshed from the elves

He uses the ring many times in The Hobbit. He uses it to escape from Gollum and exit the mountain, he uses it when spying on the giant spiders in Mirkwood, he uses it when the Dwarves are captured by the wood elves, and he uses it when in Smaug's lair.

Bilbo lived in Bag End, a very nice hobbit hole near Hobbiton. At the beginning of The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo leaves Bag End to his heir Frodo and moves to Rivendell where he lives with the elves.

Most certainly not! He is sedentary and set in his ways at home, but has a bit of a yearning for adventure. Afterwards, he is content with his adventures, but still has a wanderlust to go back and see the elves and dwarves.

Bilbo has two encounters with elves in his adventures. The first is at Rivendale, where Elrond lives. The second is in Mirkwood, the halls of the Elf King.

Bilbo found the stone of Thorin in the heart of the mountain they were in because of Smaug and gave it to the elves i think.

Bilbo met the Dwarves in Chapter 1. He met Trolls in Chapter 2. He met the elves of Elrond's house in Chapter 3. These would have been mostly Noldorin elves, but Sindarin elves and Sylvan elves would have been present also.

Bilbo stood with the elves for two reasons. They had made their stand on Ravenhill and there was more of a chance of escape from that spot. And because if there was going to be a last stand he preferred to defend the Elvenking.

He sailed over the sea to the Undying Lands, with Gandalf, Bilbo, and the last of the elves.

The wood elves capture the dwarves for trespassing in their lands without permission. They would have captured Bilbo too, if not for the fact that he was wearing a magical ring that made him invisible.

Bilbo gets lost in the tunnel with Gollum, The dwarfs nearly get eaten by spiders and then they get captured by elves, and Bilbo nearly causes a war by giving the elves the dwarfs most prized possession.

Because it glows in the dark when enemies are near, which is hallmark of Elven swords.

He first encounters trolls that are going to eat him and his companions (Dwarves), some Goblins in the mines, Gollum, then Beorn, Spiders in the forest, the Wood Elves... a Dragon! And then the Eagles!! And if this is for a book report... you should really read the book!

Bilbo put the dwarves in barrels that the elves dropped into the river to float back to Laketown, where they were reused to ship food and items back to the elves.

Because Bilbo was not a normal Hobbit. He was descended from Tooks (mother was Belladonna Took) who have Fallohide blood in them. The Fallohides were known to mingle with elves. Thus, Bilbo has something that most hobbits do not.

He follows Gollum through the caves of the goblins.Because the elves have enchanted it.

before he was captured by the elves he planned on following a path out through the forest, after he was captured he planned on getting in shipping barrels which he succeeded in.

Bilbo Baggins knew that his dagger, Sting, was made by the elves by several reasons: 1. It was found with two other swords, which Gandalf and Thorin took, and these had elvish runes on them. 2. Gandalf was wise and learned in this kind of thing and he recognized them. 3. When they brought them to Rivendell, Elrond recognized their make and could read the runes. He told them that they were very old swords of the High Elves of the West, made for Gondolin in the Goblin-wars. Thorin's was Orcrist, or Goblin-cleaver in the ancient tongue of Gondolin, and Gandalf's was Glamdring, or Foe-hammer. Bilbo's dagger was just that, a dagger, but plenty big enough for a hobbit.

Yes, in chapter 9 the dwarves (but not Bilbo) were imprisoned by the Wood-elves in Mirkwood forest.

Which light? The light in Mirkwood Forest, which was in fact the wood elves lanterns as they were merry-making and feasting? Or the light in the tunnel through the Lonely Mountain, which was the glow of the innermost chamber, where Smaug the great dragon lay resting?

Bilbo is fascinated by the elves. He is delighted to meet them and has even learned some of the elven language.