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Q: How does Bud get Lefty Lewis to take him to the Grand Rapids?
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What is the rising action of the book Bud Not Buddy?

The rising action of Bud, Not Buddy is when Bud is walking down the road, going to the Grand Rapids and somebody sees him. It turns out to be a man named Lefty Lewis, whom Bud easily befriends. Lefty Lewis is from Grand Rapids, but is visiting his daughter in Flint for a night. Lefty wants to know where Bud is from so that he can take him back to his "worried parents". Bud lies, and says that he is running away from Grand Rapids so that Lefty will take him back there. Lefty believes this and they go to his daughter's house where Bud is fed and better than ever. They spend the night and leave the next morning. Lefty Lewis drops Bud off at the club that Bud assures him that his "father" is in. This is where Bud first meets his "dad". The mean old coot, Herman E. Calloway.

Muskegon MI to Grand Rapids MI?

Just take I-96 EAST to Grand Rapids.

Where did mr.Lewis take bud?

Grand Rapids

where can i take the cna exam in grand rapids?

Olympia Career Training Institute in Grand Rapids, MI offers CAN exams.

How is lefty Lewis in Bud Not Buddy?

in the book bud not buddy lefty lewis is kind and genourus to bud because he ofers to take bud in and help him find his"dad" :):):)

How long will it take Bud to Grand Rapids?

24 hours

How long was it going to take bud to walk to Grand Rapids?


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