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It is not known how David Henrie keeps his hair spiky. David Henrie is an actor who has appeared in How I Meet Your Mother.

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Did Selena gomez break up with David Henrie?

Selena Gomez and David Henrie are not nor have they ever dated.

What is david Henries screen name for aim?

i believe his screen name is..... supp Henrie he says its david Henrie but it could be a poser....that's up to u to decide i believe his screen name is..... supp Henrie he says its david Henrie but it could be a poser....that's up to u to decide

Since Selena Gomez was dating David Henrie who broke up with who?

Selena was dating David Henrie. They DID date! I don't know, who broke up with who, sorry. :((

Does David Henrie have a girlfriend?

David Henrie used to have a girlfriend but they broke up at 2008. He's been upset because he's single and he wants a girlfriend

Did david Henrie go out with Lucy hale?

they went out but broke up

Did David Henrie breack up with Lucy Hale?

Yes, they did in the middle of wizards

How long did David Henrie and Lucy Hale date?

David Henrie and Lucy Hale are both actors that appeared on well known television series. The two dated for two years before breaking up.

Did Selena Gomez breaking up with David Henrie?

No they just start dating today she dump justin bieber for him

Is david Henrie bi?

am friends wif David Henrie on fb, he wrote tht am a bi so baiscally yea he is he has been going outt wif Selna Gomez then they broke up, he's going outt wif a non celb called Bryan

Why did David Henrie Break up with Lucy Hale?

im not sure i think it might be because of those pics of david and that girl partying but im just guessing

Did david Henrie ever go out with Selena Gomez?

Oh Yes they did!!! < out of everything people said.....I read through a lot of websites....David broke up with Selena...

Did David Henrie and Lucy Hale break up?

yes they broke up, I don't know why. But David had an interview with Ryan Seacrest and he confirmed that he is single!! However rumor has it that David cheated on Lucy and that's why they are no longer together. What a shame... My perspective of him went way down.

Who is dating David Henry?

David Henrie dated one of his high school friends Lucy Hale. Following their brake up, David dated Selena Gomez for a little while. Then they broke up and now Selena dates Justin Bieber. As for David people think he should date Jenifer Stone. As for now no one really knows who he dates.

Is it better to have long hair or short hair?

Short hair!! Cuz u can keep up with it, as in washing, brushing etc...

How do you keep you hair up in a Marilyn Monroe wig?

Tons of bobbi pins! Look up on google, how to keep wigs on.

How do you keep hair curly overnight?

Tie your hair up in a bun or plaitsovernight , then take them out in the morning, and they will be curly.

How can you keep head lice from getting into your hair?

You can keep head lice out by:cleaning your hair regularlycomb through your hair thoroughly every time you washkeep your hair tied up if you have long hair (they tend to hide in long hair)before you put shampoo in put 20-25 drops of tea tree oil in it will definitely keep them away!

Is David Henrie still dating Lucy Hale?

No he is not. To what I believe he is still single. They did date but are no longer. And David would never cheat on anyone. He is SO sweet, and hot! He's so nice that after he broke up with Lucy they were still good friends.

Are David Henrie and Selena Gomez going out?

They aren't going out but in the wizard of Waverly place movie when they weren't filming Selena kissed David on the cheek.Look it up! David was embarressed so he went into the gym to work out . I saw his muscles and you didn't. nananenana. And they are huge . H e is soooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What can you do for your hair to grow long strong and straight?

Keep your hair moist and dont apply to much heat keep it braided up every once in a while

When doing sport what is the best way to keep hair up?

many many hair clips and gallons of hair spray...I find it really annoying in gymnastics when I'm trying to twist and I end up with hair in my face...so I use clips to hold up my bangs and the sides and hair spray or gel to keep all the little fly aways tucked in tight.

What kind of hair styles did medieval lady in waiting wear?

problly a bun or somthing to keep there hair up:)

How does lily from Tracy returns do her hair?

take lots of little bits of hair from the back of your hair keep on doing them up and then put them together :D

How do you be a diva?

by keeping your body clean and keep your hair up in not being nasty

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