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Ecstasy affects different people in different ways.

Some people may feel tired, emotionally drained, sore, achy, they may have lock jaw from chewing or grinding their teeth too much. Other people, this is mostly in people who take ecstasy more often, may have more severe physical symptoms such as acid reflux and diarrhoea

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2009-05-08 14:32:41
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Q: How does Ecstasy affect your body after?
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What makes your body high Ecstasy ecstasy what makes you dance all night ecstasy?

Kyper - What Gets Your Body Hyped (XTC)

How does ecstasy affect ADH?

MDMA (ECSTASY) will increase ADH

How long does it take for ecstasy to affect your body?

Depends on how it's ingested, if in tablet form normally about 30-40 minutes.

How does ecstasy affect your endocrine system?

it doen't affect the endocrine system

What specific age group does ecstasy affect?


Is ecstasy a short term affect or long term affect?

Long term effects , memory loss

Does ecstasy affect the baby while pregnant?

yes it does

How does Ecstasy affect the spine?

Supposedly soaks up your spinal fluid

What neurotransmitter does ecstasy affect?

5-HT ( seretonin)

What does sanskrit word ecstasy mean in English?

Ecstasy is an English word. It comes from the Greek ekstasis, meaning an out-of-body experience.

How long will ecstasy stay in your system for a drug test?

Ecstasy only stays in your body for a maximum of 48 hours after taking it.

Does ecstasy dmage the brain?

Some animal studies have shown that ecstasy can negatively affect the serotonin system in the brain and damage neurons

How does ecstasy effect your body and brain?

well basically ecstasy kills brain cells... and in fact the full effects of ecstasy are not yet known to scientists since people who take ecstasy in big quantities do not live long enough.

How does ecstasy enter the body?

snortt it or swallow it

Can you show some of our body organ which damage by taking ecstasy?

Your brain will be damaged after taking ecstasy for your first time

Does ecstasy affect your sexual performance?

It can. Most people report that while ecstasy increases the pleasure of sex, it makes it more difficult to achieve orgasm.

How does ecstasy affect peoples physical health?

it makes your mom have cancer

How are antidepessants and ecstasy different?

Antidepressants cause the body to suppress negative feelings, while ecstasy brings positive feelings into the body, enacting endorphins which can deteriorate one's reasoning or conscience.

Does ecstasy affect birth control?

well there are no proven studies but in all the cases of women who take birth control and Ecstasy they say it does not harm them in any way.

How does ecstasy affect your family?

Ecstasy changes the person's behavior depending on how they feel, e.g. euphoric, sick, energetic, and can leads to problems with friends and family members

Can you still get a girl pregnant if you take extacy?

Yes, Ecstasy does not affect fertility.

Does ecstasy affect the birth control pill?

No. You're fine! Just be safe!

Can ecstasy over heat the body?

Yes ecstasy is known for increasing a persons body temperature.People who take ecstasy usually participate in raves in which dancing is the main activity.Dancing in a crowded room can cause a person to overheat and possibly faint.Since an ecsasy user does does not grow tired or thirsty it is also easy to become dehydrated.

Does taking ecstasy cause breakouts?

Users of ecstasy often appear to be:Sweaty, a side affect of the high body temperature that is caused by the increased blood pressure and heart rate.You may seem dizzy and off balance or look like you are getting ready to faint.Weight lossSkin breakoutsSore jaws from when you constantly grinding your teeth together.

Can you get ecstasy in your system by touching someone who's on it?

Simply, no. Unless you are exchanging pints and pints of blood with an individual on ecstasy, the substance will not show up in your body.