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Q: How does Gregory expect other christians to act towards Henry?
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How did Henry IV and Gregory IV disagree?

Henry refused to obey Gregory also when Gregory accepted the new king Henry went to war Gregory allies drove out Henry forces

What was the problem between Pope Gregory and Henry VIII?

An argument went on between Gregory and Henry. This argument was on whether Henry or Gregory should choose the next Bishop. Gregory got rejected by the Roman's on whether he should pick the next Bishop because of Henry. So Gregory "Excommunicated" Henry. Henry then traveled to Italy to apologize to Gregory. Before Gregory forgave him Henry stood out in the snow for three days out side of Gregory's room.

When was William Henry Gregory born?

William Henry Gregory was born in 1817.

When did William Henry Gregory die?

William Henry Gregory died in 1892.

When was Henry Holman Gregory born?

Henry Holman Gregory was born in 1864.

When did Henry Holman Gregory die?

Henry Holman Gregory died in 1947.

When did Henry Gregory - politician - die?

Henry Gregory - politician - died on 1940-11-15.

When was Henry Gregory - politician - born?

Henry Gregory - politician - was born on 1860-03-15.

How was the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV resolved?

Pope Gregory died leaving Henry iv to do as he pleased

Who told Pope Gregory VII to resign?

Henry IV of Germany told him to resign. In exchange, Gregory excommunicated Henry and remained as pope.

The outcome of Pope Gregory banning lay investiture?

Emperor Henry IV called a meeting with the bishops and with their approval he sent Pope Gregory VII a letter ordering him to step down. Gregory sent a letter back excommunicating Henry IV. Henry asked for forgiveness to no avail. In January 1077, Henry went to Canossa where Gregory was visiting still trying to get forgiveness. After making Henry wait three days out in the snow, Pope Gregory finally ended his excommunication.

Why did Henry IV beg Pope Gregory VII for forgiveness?

It's because Henry's nobles supported Gregory, and the reason why Henry begged the Pope was because he said the Pope had no real authority.

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