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because naruto is nice and what to learn to do stuff while sasuke is just a stupid show off

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Q: How does Hinata fall in love wtyh naruto if all the other girls love Sasuke?
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Will naruto ever love Hinata after she told him she loved him?

it really hit him hard... so my opinion, is yes, naruto and hinata will love each other and sasuke and sakura will love each other

Does Sasuke like Hinata?

i don't think that sasuke has even SPOKEN to hinata before! That pairing ain't gonna happen. True to the person above me but opposites do attract your right sasuke never met Hinata but opposites do attract to me. But its up to sasuke and sakura is a sweet girl to but I wanna see her hair grow back .. I think if sasuke had a chance he choose either their both equally beautiful and Naruto would get the other girl whether he like it or not cause sasuke said so.. Besides Hinata is a heiress I think Sasuke fight Naruto over a heiress to be soon... But its up to Sasuke who he wan't I know he likes sakura but this is my opinion.. not sure but i think it will never happen cause hinata likes naruto and sasuke well i want him to be with sakura but i have doubts that it wont happen sasuke loves sakura and naruto lves hinata that's the end of this battle!!! Ha.

Do Hinata and Naruto like each other?

Never, ever, EVER in a million years. Maybe tee hee cause they never met but once in the movie bonds just maybe why not she's the only girl who's not a fangirl like the rest! it could happen they always do twists in the shows and sasuke and hinata would look good and sakura and naruto would look awesome

Will Naruto kill sauske?

Well, this is just my opinion:No. Sasuke will not kill Naruto.I mean, they are teammate, they was once best friend. They watched each other's back.

Who does Ino like in naruto?

Ino, as well as many other girls, likes Sasuke.

Do naruto and Sasuke fight to the death?

yes they both extremely sadly killed each other and poor sakura and hinata lived sadly everafter

Do any of the Naruto characters like each other?

Hinata and Sakura both love Naruto, but Sakura only comes to this realization when Naruto still promises to bring Sasuke back to the Leaf Village.(Happens in the manga that Sakura tells Naruto that she loves him but Naruto says she is only saying that so he wont keep his promise to her to bring Sasuke back to the Village).Throughout the series, Hinata has loved Naruto, and even admitted it to Naruto during the Pain incident, which causes him to go all the way to Six tails before calming down by his Father(Forth Hokage).Though, in recent chapters, it seems Sakura is coming to her senses and has somewhat of a crush on Naruto. Though she still has feelings for Sasuke.

Who kiss who in Naruto?

Correct me if i am wrong, but in the second series of the naruto anime (naruto: shippuden), i believe there is a point where hinata hyuga and naruto kiss each other. thoug i may be wrong i dont think naruto and hinata do. but i know for sure that naruto and sasuke kiss in like naruto shonen jump episode 3 or 4 the name of the episode is 'sakura and sasuke: friend or foe' or something like that.

What is the name the of all the girls that love Sasuke?

The girls who love Sasuke are all of the girls in his previous class from the Ninja Academy (except Hinata). So it's basically Sakura and Ino and other minor characters. In the Shippuden episodes Karin loves him.

Does Sasuke ever see Hinata in 'Naruto Shippuden'?

Maybe, maybe not. It is a possibility that he will in the future, because after he kills Itachi, he finds out that it wasn't exactly Itachi's fault for killing the clan, so he turns against Konoha. But since he still has one goal to reach, he would need a mate, and Hinata seems to be fit for that. So in other words, Hinata may become captive to Sasuke.....Beside SasuHina Rocks!

When does Naruto and Hinata will end with each other?

they wont naruto and sakura will in the naruto next series

Does sakura and Sasuke love each other?

sakura loves sasuke coz sasuke used genjutsu and kissed sakura .in genjutsu nobody can see wat happened except the people who are there and it even happens coz u can feel it......... naruto loves hinata and i guess even kissed her so sasuke and sakura still love each other