How does Inkdeath end?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Inkdeath ends with the Adderhead's grandson passing Mortimer the Book with a pencil to write the final words - Heart, Spell and Death. The Adderhead dies and then there is an aftermath, where you get to find out what happens next - Mortimer and Resa's baby is a boy that changes into a bird with his mother at night, Meggie and Doria are together, Dustfinger goes to live with Roxane.

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Q: How does Inkdeath end?
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Does meggie and her family escape the book in inkdeath?

Meggie and her family decide to stay in the book at the end of Inkdeath.

Is there a fourth inkheart?

No, there is Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath. Inkdeath is the end of the trilogy. It's a triology so there are only three books.

Does Meggie die in Inkdeath?

No...meggie does not die in inkdeath.

What book is after inkdeath?

Inkdeath is the final book in that series.

How old was Meggie in Inkdeath?

she lives with Elinor, Mo, Resa and her new baby brother in the inheart world. the end

What happens to the Strong Man at the end of Inkdeath?

The Strong Man, a character in the "Inkheart" series, helps to defeat the villain Capricorn in "Inkdeath" but ultimately meets a tragic end. He sacrifices himself to save others and is killed in a final battle. His death is a poignant moment in the series.

What is the release date for inkdeath?

Inkheart, Inkspell and Inkdeath are have now all been released worldwide.

Is there a book after ink death in the series?

There is no book after the Inkdeath series. Inkdeath is the last part of the ink trilogy.

What is the name of Meggie's brother in Inkdeath?

He has no name, it was not mentioned in the books.

What book is after Inkspell?


What is the official release date for Inkdeath?

All books in the Inkworld trilogy (Inkheart, Inkspell and Inkdeath) have now been released.

Where can you read the first chapter of inkdeath by cornelia funke online?

No, but it is out now. And you can read the 1st chapter in Inkdeath in new copies of Inkheart.