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Kakashi gains the Sharingan by receiving an eye transplant from his deceased friend, Obito Uchiha. Obito's Sharingan is transplanted into Kakashi's left eye socket, allowing him to unlock the abilities of the Sharingan.

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When he was young ( yes , he is old) he had a temmate of the uchiha clan , obito uchiha(NOT TOBI) and a medical ninja called Rin, obito died and 'give' his eye to kakashi .

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Q: How does Kakashi get the sharigan?
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Does Kakashi Hatake have the Mangekyou Sharigan?


What is the book number that Kakashi get the sharigan?

volume 27 emphazises on kakashi's background when he was with odito and when he got his sharingan

What is Kakashi's childhood story?

Watch Naruto Shippuden episodes 119 & 120 it also shows how Kakashi gets the sharigan

How did Kakashi get his sharigan?

Kakashi got his sharigan from his friend Obito before he died on a misson. It was a gift for becoming a jounin. Kishimoto explains this in Kakashi Gaiden.

What is the link between Kakashi hatake and madara Uchiha?

The link is that kakashi and madara where on the same team but he wasnt know as madara his name was obito (the black sheep of the uchiha clan). Now his name is Tobi and he wheres that mask because you know how kakashi has the sharigan well that use to be his and so he gave it to kakashi as a gift for becoming a jonin right before he died

Why does kakshi have the sharigan and he isn't in the uchia clan?

Kakashi has the sharingan eye because his teammate, Obito Uchiha, was dying, and his dying wish was that Kakashi took his sharingan eye, because Kakashi had lost his eye trying to save Rin, (his other teammate) and so, Rin put Obito's eye (don't puke) in Kakashi's empty socket. And that is why Kakashi Hatake has a Sharingan eye, even though, he is not in the Uchiha clan.

When does Naruto Shippuden fight with orochimaru?

Obito is dead but popular opinion guesses that he is Madara but there history doesnt fit, and the manga hasn't gotten as far as to the point of Naruto actually fighting Madara. No i think that madara is obito because he had 1 sharigan before his new mask it was no the same side where obito had but he got half crushed he gave i sharigan to kakashi and he somehow surived the boulders falling on him so he has 1 sharigan on the crushed side and the ohter side he has a rinniegan because he no longer has the sharigan and he can teleport only 4th hokage could and obito was 4th student so he mastered teleportation.

When does Kakashi use mongekyou sharigan?

no because he has not killed/tried to kill his best friend which is the requirement for mongekyou that is very wrong. He uses it against dierdera and blows off his arm. People shuldnt say what they dont know. And killin ur bestfrnd is one way of getting mongeyku sharigan. There are other ways.

Are Madara and Tobi the same?

Yes, he is. As of Naruto chapter 599, it is confirmed that "Tobi" is in fact Obito Uchiha. After a cave-in supposedly "killed" his body, he was rescued by an elderly Madara Uchiha using the Gedo Mazo statue to preserve his life. Once Madara died, Obito adopted his name and carried on his plan, under the assumption that because Rin was gone, life had no purpose.

How did Kakashi get shinnagan?

Kakashi holds the Sharingan in his right eye. Before Obito died, a ninja had made Kakashi loose his right eye by thrashing it with a weapon, then when Obito is trapped under a rock. Obito forgot to give Kakashi a present, so.... he gave him his Sharingan eye! ~Rena.R then he gets his mangkoue sharigan from all his closet friends who have all died by SaSuke_P0weRs

Will Naruto get sharigan?

It is very, very, very, unlikely. Since Naruto isn't an Uchiha, he won't inherit the Sharingan. The only way he might get the Sharingan is that if it's implanted to his eyes, like Kakashi's Sharingan that was once Obito's.

Does a sharigan eye exist?

yes it does you have to get itachis sharigan by killing ur closest friend and you get the normal sharigan by closing ur eye tight and then opening it really really fast