How does Katiss trigger the trap?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: How does Katiss trigger the trap?
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What does the Greek word skandalon mean?

the trigger of a trap.

How does a venus fly trap eat?

it usses trigger hairs

How does a venus fly trap work?

It has trigger hairs that snap the bugs.

How does katniss trigger the trap?

She shoots a bag of apples that set off the mines.

How does a bladderwort plant traps an insect?

Bladderworts trap their prey when their trap is triggered by prey brushing up against small trigger hairs attached to the trap door. Once the trap is triggered, it will close sucking the prey and surrounding water into the trap.

What are the name of katiss and Peeta kids?

The books don't say which was kind of sad.

Which set of events is an example of dependent events?

A dependent event is one that relies on something else to happen. For instance with a mouse trap the trap closing "depends" on the trigger being activated.

How do you not trigger the trap on mystery train island?

You have to jump when you see the blocks (stacked) jump then go down then your done

Why do Venus Flytrap's leaves have hairs?

Those are called 'triggering hairs' that do exactly what it says on the tin! They 'trigger' any movement that enters the leaf, and cause it to shut like a trap, hence the name, Venus "Flytrap".

How do Venus Flytraps move?

If two trigger hairs are touched by an insect inside one of its traps, the trap will snap shut.

Does a carnivorous plants eat stink bugs?

Yes, they will. Carnivorous plants will catch any bugs that trigger the trap, they don't care!

What is the purpose of the tiny hairs on venus flytraps leaves?

Those are called trigger hairs, that once stepped on, cause the trap to close.