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Lauren has sex with carter and carter keeps it from Kaylie feeling very guilty finds the right time to tell Karlie then Kaylie runs away and finds out that when carter told her he didn't say whom he had sex with Kaylie finds out the Lauren had sex with carter (Kylie's boyfriend ) and now Kaylie doesn't want anything to do with him.

she tries to steal kaylies stuff.and she is always giving when she said remember when we kissed.and she took kaylies cellphone with her and carter kissing and put it somewhere were her dad could see

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Q: How does Lauren from make it or break it break up conner and kaylie?
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Who plays Kaylie cruz in Make it or Break It?

Her character is 16 years of age. Payson, Lauren and Emily are all 16 too.

What are the girls names in make it or break?

Emily Kmetko Lauren Tanner Payson Keeler Kaylie Cruz Want more yes watc is ALL IF THERE REAL NANMES

When is the season 3 finale or make it or break it?

It was a few weeks ago. Kaylie, Payson, Lauren, and Jordan made the Olympic team. We will ever know who will win a gold medal

What is josie loren's name in make it or break it?

Kaylie Cruz

Who plays some girls in make it or break it?

Josie Loren is Kaylie Cruz, Ayla Kell is Payson Keeler, Chelsea Hobbs is Emily Kmetko, and Cassie Scerbo is Lauren Tanner.

Are the people in make it or break it really doing gymnastics?

Yes, but not all of them. Carter can not do gymnastics that is why you never see him doing anything. Emily Lauren Pason and Kaylie are definitely doing gymnastics

Who dies on make it or break it?

Kaylie, Payson, Lauren, Colleen Evans, and Jordan all made the olympic team. Summer and Sasha kissed. Lauren got Wendy kicked off cuz she found out about the drugs in Kaylie's smoothies. Ray Keegan got arrested. Austin and Kaylie got back together. The gymnastics girls got Otis at the end.

What kind of car does kaylie cruz on make it or break it drive?

Mercedes Benz

Are Austin and kaylie going to end up together in make it or break it?


Who is the national champion on the show of make it or break it?

Kelly Parker is the national champion, but Kaylee Cruze becomes the new national champion.

Who is to died on make it or break it on new season the?

Maeve, the girl Kaylie befriends in Rehab

What is a eating disorder off of make it or break it?

it is anorexia. Kaylie suffers from it. It something where she doesnt eat