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She made Victor to sit in jail for monsters fault and then Victor become sick for a long time.

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Mary Shelley creates suspense in these chapters by gradually revealing the creature's intentions and actions, leading to increasing tension as Victor frantically tries to prevent harm. Through atmospheric descriptions and intense emotions, Shelley builds anticipation for the confrontation between Victor and the creature, heightening the sense of dread and uncertainty in the narrative.

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Q: How does Mary Shelley create a feeling of suspense in chapters 17-21?
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Why do you think Shelley waits until this point to reveal the stranger's first name?

Shelley may have chosen to reveal the stranger's first name at this point to create suspense and intrigue for the reader. By delaying this information, she builds anticipation and adds a layer of mystery to the character, making the revelation more impactful when it finally occurs.

What mood does Shelley create by alluding to the poem ancient mariner?

By alluding to "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," Shelley creates a mood of supernatural dread, foreboding, and guilt. The poem's themes of isolation, punishment, and the consequences of disrupting nature add layers of suspense and unease to Shelley's own work.

Who create Frankenstein?

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Why does Mary Shelley end chapter 13 of Frankenstein on an apparently optimistic note?

Mary Shelley ends chapter 13 of Frankenstein on an apparently optimistic note to create contrast and build suspense. It serves as a momentary respite before the impending tragedy and horror that follows in the story. By introducing this sense of hope, Shelley heightens the impact of the inevitable darkness that will soon unfold.

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