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Nirmala is the name of the successor of Mother Teresa, not the name of Mother Teresa.

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Sister Nirmala succeeded Mother Teresa after her death but retired in 2009. The current head of the order is Sister Mary Prema,.

In March of 1997 she relinquished the administrative duties to Sister Nirmala who had been elected to be the successor to Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa remained as the Mother Superior of the Order until her death when the title passed to Sister Nirmala. In other words, Mother Teresa went into partial retirement.

Sister Nirmala succeeded Mother Teresa after her death but retired in 2009. The current head of the order is Sister Mary Prema,.

As a person, it is widely believed that Mother Teresa was a unique juggernaut who championed the causes of the poor and cannot not be replaced. In her capacity as Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa was replaced by Sister Nirmala Joshi. She was elected in 1997. Sister Nirmala grew up in India and was raised a Hindi, but converted to Catholicism after she learned of Mother Teresa's work in Calcutta. She holds a degree in political science and was trained as a lawyer before joining the order. In 2009, Sister Nirmala resigned as Superior General, citing health reasons, and Sister Mary Prema was elected her successor. Sister Prema is from Germany.

Mother Teresa changed her name to Sister Teresa from Anges because she became a nun. Teresa came from her father calling her little flower when he was alive and that is what Teresa came from.

Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity.

Mother Teresa's original name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. It is customary for women to change their names when they enter a convent as a symbol that they are leaving behind their old life for a new one. Mother Teresa's name can be variously written as Sister Mary Teresa, Sister Teresa, Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Mother Theresa didn't change her name to Agnes, she changed it from Agnes to Teresa

Mother Teresa's name was changed from her birth name of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu to Sister Teresa when she became a novice in the convent in Ireland, at the age of 18. Sister Teresa's name was changed to Mother Teresa when she became a fully professed Sister. Later, when she started the Missionaries of Charity, she was still called Mother, as she was the Mother Superior, and Foundress of that Order.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta as she is known to the Catholic Church, or Mother Teresa as she is commonly known, was born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu.

No Her real name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu

Mother Teresa wanted to take as her patron Saint Therese of Lisieux but that name was already taken by another sister of Loreto. She chose to use the Spanish spelling of the name instead - Teresa.

Mother Teresa mother was 35 when she had mother teresa.

Mother Teresa's real name is "Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu", as she is a nun she had changed her name to "Teresa" after St. Teresa of Avila.

Missionaries of Charity was the religious Order that Blessed Mother Teresa started.

On March 13, 1997, six months before Mother Teresa's death, Sister Mary Nirmala Joshi was selected the new Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity. Sister Mary Prema was elected to succeed Sister Nirmala during a general chapter held in Calcutta in April 2009.

change of name=Mother Teresa's actual name was Agnes. she changed her name to Teresa when she was ordained to become a nun. Later due to her works the poor and needy started calling her mother and also after she established the missionaries of charity, she became the mother Superior of this institute, that's when she got the name Mother Teresa.=

Her maiden name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Her chosen name was Sister Teresa. When she started the Missionaries of Charity she became Mother Teresa.

It is traditional for religious to take a new name when they join a religious order. In the Sisters of Loreto, when a woman makes her final vows, she take the title of Mother. Mother Teresa took the name Teresa in honor of St. Therese of Lisieux, a patron saint of missionaries.

Gonxha was Mother Teresa's middle name.

Mother Teresa had no biological children.

Mother Teresa had no biological daughter.

Lazar was the brother of Mother Teresa.

Her birth name was Agnes.

No, Mother Teresa had no children as she was never married.

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