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Q: How does Nike impact global stratification in the local culture?
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How does global stratification impact local culture?

Global stratification can impact local culture by influencing lifestyles, values, and norms. Local communities may adopt cultural practices of dominant countries or regions in order to fit into the global economy. This can lead to a loss of indigenous cultures and traditions as well as cultural homogenization.

What are the territories of culture?

The territories of culture refer to the various fields and disciplines where culture is expressed and examined, such as art, literature, music, film, theater, dance, and fashion. These territories encompass the ways in which human creativity and expression manifest in society and how they shape our understanding of the world.

What is Taiwans culture like?

The Taiwanese culture is a hybrid blend of Confucianist Han Chinese, Japanese, European, American, global, local and Taiwanese aborigines cultures

How are global winds and local find similar?

Global winds are local winds.

Is a global variable a non-local variable?

True, a variable cannot be both global and local. But if a global and a local variable share the same name, the local one will hide the global.

What impact does fashion design have on the global and local communities?

I think it has on the global and local communities is that kids in those communities should have a chance to show their fashons. Also that I would love to be a fashon disiner and I know other kids would like the same thing.

What is a antonym for global?

A local or regional would be an antonym for global.

What is the opposite word for local?

The opposite of "local" is "global" or "international."

What does the term global culture mean?

When everyone in the world, from the sands of the Sahara to the steppes of Siberia to the remotest island in the South Pacific, will have no choice but to eat out at the local McDonalds, to buy their iThings from the Wal-Mart, to watch the entertainment Disney provides (since they will have bought perpetual copyrights on all possible stories) then the international corporations will have eliminated all local culture and substituted their global corporate culture for it. The New World Order--hope you like it!

What is more important to the world local winds or global winds?

Actually it is very important to have both local winds, and global winds. Becuase each helps earth and everything on it a lot...

How do local and national differences affect culture on a regional or global level?

Local and national differences influence culture at both regional and global levels by shaping unique traditions, languages, values, and norms. These differences contribute to cultural diversity and foster a sense of identity among different groups. Shared societal values within a region can also influence global cultural trends and interactions.

Definition of global-local continuum?

The global-local continuum refers to the interconnectedness between global, national, regional, and local levels of governance, economics, and culture. It recognizes the complex relationships and interdependencies that exist between different scales of authority and influence in a world characterized by increasing globalization.