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Penelope tests Odysseus in two ways:

  • The contest of the bow and axes, in which Odysseus must string his bow, and shoot an arrow through a dozen axe handles
  • The testing of Odysseus identity, in which she asks for Odysseus bed to be moved to a guest room.
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She asks the maids

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Q: How does Penelope test Odysseus?
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How did Penelope find out the beggar was Odysseus?

Odysseus tells her so directly. Penelope then tests Odysseus, and he passes her test, confirming his identity.

What is the Penelope ultimate test for Odysseus?

To tell her how there bedchamber is set up.Only Penelope and Odysseus know and a few servants bc Odysseus built it himself.

How does Penelope test Odysseus' identity?

Penelope tests Odysseus identity by cleverly suggesting that they move their bed to another room so that she can get used to Odysseus, whom has been away for so long. The test is that the bed is unmovable since it is built into the trunk of a tree, but only Odysseus and Penelope know that.

Who had a test that Odysseus had to pass before she admit he was her husband?


Why does Odysseus suggest that Penelope test her maids?

While he was dressed as a beggar, he saw one of the maids consorting with Penelope's suitor. Odysseus suggested that Penelope test which of her maids are faithful to her and not her suitors.

How does Penelope test Odysseus after the battle?

To see what they would do when they kill other people.

Why does Penelope test Odysseus?

Penelope tests Odysseus to see if he is still worthy to be her husband and also to ensure that he is truly who he says he is. She is highly suspicious of him as she has not seen him in over twenty years.

Who is eurynome in Odysseus par 2?

he is the housekeeper for penelope and penelope is odysseus wife and odysseus is the king of ithleca

Does Penelope recognize Odysseus when he is in his beggar's costume?

No, Penelope does not recognize that the beggar is Odysseus.

How does Penelope test Odysseus at the end of part 2?

To make sure that it ti really him :)

Why does Odysseus hide his identity from his wife Penelope?

Odysseus wishes to test Penelope's faithfulness. Furthermore, by remaining hidden from Penelope, he can take care of his business with the suitors, and reveal himself when he is ready. Odysseus wishes to come back to Penelope a man, having dealt with all the problems in their house first.

What contest does Penelope devise to test the suitors?

Penelope arranged a challenge, and the challenge is that the suitors have to bend and string Odysseus' heavy hunting bow.

What is the difference between Odysseus and Penelope from the book the Odyssey?

Odyssues is Penelope's husband. Odysseus is a boy, Penelope a girl, Odysseus went on long jounery, Penelope was home having all the suitors try to win her over, Odyssesus cheated on Penelope and Penelope didnt cheat on him, Athena loves Odysseus. The book is about Odysseus...Does that help?

Who is Odysseus wife?

the answer is Penelope the husbend of odysseus.

What does Penelope have to do with Odysseus?

Penlope is Odysseus' wife.

Did Penelope cheat on Odysseus?

No. Penelope was completely faithful to Odysseus even after 20 years of not seeing him. Penelope is often equated with faithfulness.

In The Odyssey Odysseus left Penelope bound for what city?

Odysseus left Penelope bound for Troy.

How does Odysseus explain that he has remained faithful to Penelope?

Odysseus was not strictly faithful to Penelope, but was faithful to her 'in his heart.'

Who told Penelope that Odysseus was coming back?

No one did- Penelope ran a series of tests to identify Odysseus.

Who faced greater hardships Odysseus or Penelope?


Who tells Penelope that Odysseus is alive?

Odysseus who was dressed up as an old beggar told Penelope that Odysseus was alive and would return soon

How does Penelope finally recognize Odysseus?

Penelope finally is convinced that it is Odysseus when Odysseus tells her how their marital bed was made from the trunk of an olive tree.

Who was Odysseus wife?


Who you Penelope as a wife?


Who did Odysseus marry?