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How does Tire pressure sensor work?


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There are two general types of tire pressure systems, direct and indirect. An indirect system doesn't actually measure the tire pressure. It uses the wheel speed sensor (part of the ABS) to measure very minute differences in rotational speed between all four tires. When it senses a difference from what a nominally good tire is, it will turn on the tire pressure light. Note that you will need to check the tire pressure in all tires, as it doesn't indicate which tire is the problem. Once the tire pressure is adjusted, reset the light according to the owner's manual. You'll also need to do this after changing to a spare.

Direct systems attach a pressure sensor/transmitter to the vehicle's wheel inside the tire's air chamber. This system uses a small battery-powered pressure sensor with radio transmitter on the back of each tire valve, attached to the wheel rim. Some direct systems use a sensor mounted to a metal band around the inside of the rim. The batteries are designed to last 10 years. There will be a corresponding radio receiver next to each wheel, which picks up the signal from the sensor and passes it to the system's in-car receiver and the information is displayed to the driver.


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Low tire pressure or failed tire pressure sensor.Low tire pressure or failed tire pressure sensor.

You can not replace just the tire pressure sensor on a Boxster. You will need to replace the whole sensor. The sensor is located inside the tire assembly.

A tire pressure sensor is located within the tire. The sensor then provides information to the Tire Pressure Monitoring System and informs the driver when the pressure falls below a certain level.

It could, some vehicles do have a tire pressure sensor in the spare.

the tire pressure sensor is usually the valve where you inflate or deflate your tire. it is made complete with valve

check the spare tire.....my dash sensor showed wrong pressure,but all tires were good. then someone mentioned the spare tire...that was the problem! Even the spare has a sensor Any tire could have improper pressure, or a bad sensor.

What type of sensor? The tire pressure sensor is located in the wheel.

NO - there isn't a pressure sensor inside the spare

You either have a failed or a missing tire pressure sensor.

Tire pressure sensor in mounted inside the tire at the valve stem. The valve stem is part of the sensor.

It's to let you know if the tire pressure sensor monitor is working or not. This is the sensor that let's you know if you tire pressure is low

Is there a fuse I can remove for the ford explorer tire sensor

On a 2007 Ford Explorer : ( NO ) the spare tire does not a sensor for the Tire Pressure Monitoring System ( TPMS )

No but, tire size does effect wheel speed sensors.

The light should extinguish itself after inflating the offending tire to the correct pressure. If it does not, you probably have a bad tire pressure sensor.

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fill tires with proper air pressure, if the light remains on after a short drive you probably have a failed tire pressure sensor. Replacement of sensor necessary.

If it is not going off when the tire is filled to the proper tire pressure i would say its the sensor but you would have to get a mechanic to figure out witch one it is. the sensor is inside the tire wrapped around the rim

Check the tire pressure requirements for you car in the owner's manual. Then check actual tire presure for all wheels. If it's wrong, pump tires to appropriate pressure and check the sensor again. If the light didn't come off, you have to call the dealer.

You will find the tire pressure moniter reset procedure in the owners manual.

I'm trying to find out what kind of tire pressure sensor would my 2004 monte carlo need?

first double check the tire pressure in all tires, to confirm there is no leak, also the spare may have a sensor.. then after all tire pressure is set. drive it for about 10 miles and it should kick off. If that does not, work,, again double check for a leak, and review the owner's manual. it may be a bad sensor, should have it tested at a garage.

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