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No child can simply "deal" with something like this. Even adults have a hard time dealing with a sociopath. Remember they are very deceptive and subtle. Jerks are jerks. But sociopaths are nearly impossible to detect. I had a horrible childhood and I'm pretty sure my mother was/is either borderline or a sociopath. I love my mother like you would not believe and our relationship has gotten much better as I've gotten older. She also has mellowed a LOT and we are close. Back to the 10-year-old, I would've done much better as a child had I known it wasn't me causing her to act the way that she did. I couldn't understand how my mother was so friendly and wonderful to the outside world but such a nightmare to me and my father and my siblings behind closed doors. As a ten year old I thought it HAD to be me or us. WE were At Fault. The best support you can give to a victim of a sociopath -- child OR adult is to constantly build their self esteem.

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Q: How does a 10-year-old child deal with a sociopath mother?
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How do you deal with a sociopath in divorce with a child?

20 years of brutal negotiation. You cannot give a sociopath an inch.

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Just because she is "female" doesnt mean anything. A sociopath is a sociopath and the only way to "deal" with them is to stay as far away as possible.

How do you deal with a sociopath female?

you dont

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With a broken heart.......................

How do you deal with a neighbor that is a sociopath?

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If possible it is best to just avoid sociopaths. If you cannot avoid them, be on guard, and if necessary call the police.

What to do if your mom is sociopath?

Express your concerns to your father or another adult family member. Let them deal with the issue if there is one.

How to handle a sociopath in the workplace?

Ask for a transfer away from that person. Or leave the job, which is usually the only way to deal with it. Complaining to superiors about the problem will rarely get you anywhere, because after all, the sociopath has them wrapped around their little finger.

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How do you deal with a sociopath?

Dealing with a SociopathWikiAnswers contributors give their opinions:Stay away from them. This is not a joke. You do not "deal" with sociopaths. Get a copy of "The Sociopath Next Door" and read it for some perspective.If possible, it is best to just avoid sociopaths. If you cannot avoid them, be on guard, and if necessary call the police.

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If a girl is raised by a sociopathic mother is she prone to or more accepting of relationships with male sociopaths?

speaking from experience, yes. my mother's a sociopath; I had several horrible relationships with men with sociopathic traits. I'm 29 and in my first relationship with a really good person. when you're raised to deal with a manipulative psycho, well, that's what you do best and they can spot you a mile away. it sucks.

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