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How does a bank Automatic Teller Machine work?

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ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is a computer. It has a small display and something similar to a keyboard (even if it doesn't look like one). It runs a program that is usually written by the bank. The program could do anything but banks usually follow a pattern.

Most banks start by asking for the language. They then ask you to insert your card.

This card has a magnetic strip on the back that it reads information about your bank account (sort of like a diskette on a PC). It uses this information to look up your information and decide what to do next. Usually this is to have you enter your password. After that, it's up to the program to decide what to do next.

As for the equipment, banks usually buy the ATM as a single piece but it is actually made up of components. There are several different computer types but let's discuss this as if it were a PC. There would be several PCI slots. Each PCI slot would have a specialized card to support the equipment. One slot would be used for the modem (or network card) so it can be managed from the main office and can obtain information it needs from the central computer where most information is kept. Another slot would be for the card reader where you stick the ATM card in. The money dispenser would be another. I suspect that the deposit slot is part of the money dispenser. The display and keypad probably use the keyboard and display connectors.

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What are the benefits for a bank teller?

The benefits of a bank teller is, it will teach you to count and work in money better.

How do ATMs work?

Automatic teller machines are just that: machines that automatically act like a teller. They allow you to withdraw cash funds from bank accounts, or to check the balance on those accounts

What is the job setting of a bank teller?

The setting of a bank teller is in an office, building, home, and as always they must work in a bank.

Age requirement to work as a bank teller?


What are the personality traits for a bank teller?

A bank teller is a person who works in a bank dealing directly with customers. They need to be patient people with a strong arithmetic background, who can work quickly and efficiently.

What hours does a part time bank teller work?

12 hours

What would you consider an ideal bank teller work environment?

An ideal work environment for a bank teller would be a in good area of town. It is also good for all banks to have security guards in all banks.

How much does a bank teller make at Bank of America?

actually, in san Diego California at bank of America the starting pay for a teller is anywhere between $9.50-$10.00, bank of America is one of the lowest paying banks to work for.

Will us bank be open on January 2 2012?

Some US Banks in Missouri are open. Source: I am at work as a teller at US Bank.

Where can I find on the job training if I am going to work in a bank?

You will need to find a bank that is hiring for entry level position,this will most likely be a teller position.

What Coffee best suited for automatic machine?

Any ground coffee will work fine.

What are the uses of automated teller machine?

You can get your money any time night or day, A great advance if you have ever had to wait for the bank to open while you would rather be at work. From the banks point of view it is a top method for extorting money in charges.

How much does a bank teller make at PNC bank?

The region I work its 11.25 for peak time, 9.50 for part time and somewhere in between, I assume, for full time.

What kind of job can you get with a Bachelors in Business Administration?

You can work at a bank as a teller or a banker with a Business Administration degree. You can also work in government or non-profit institution.

What does ccent certification enable you to do?

Ccent Certification enables you to be able to be a teller at a bank. This is a course where you go over money and certain billing information so you could work at a bank.

Is copyright protection automatic?

Yes copyright protection is automatic, as soon as a work is "fixed in a tangible medium perceptible either by human eye or machine"

How hard is it to get a job as a bank teller?

To get a bank teller job you cant apply directly at the bank .... Because they hire placement agencies to find their employes. There must be a couple of those agencies in your city ( depends where you live) ... You apply there and they fill in a profile for you ... And when a teller job is available they contact you asap. Then your called for an interview ( which is pretty simple and easy to pass) couple of math skillz questions and you need to be able to work in team and to handle stress.

What specific tasks will a bank teller entail?

Some of the tasks that a bank teller might do during his routine work at a bank are:Accept customer deposits and credit them into the customer accountsPay cash to customers for their withdrawals and update the bank account with the withdrawal detailsAccept large note bill and issue smaller bills (change) to customers who ask for itCount cash and keep it safely

What education is needed to work at a bank?

The level of education that is needed to work at a bank depends on the precise type of employment one is seeking. For example, a high school level education is likely necessary to become a security guard or bank teller. Wealth managers are more likely to hold a Bachelor's degree.

What is an entry level banking job?

An entry level bank job is normally as a teller. If you get a job at the coroprate headquarters it could be doing clerical work though.

How much does a bank teller make at regions bank?

I work part time as a teller at regions, and have been for two months, and they started my off at 9.25 an hour, 25-28 hours a week. its not bad.... and havent heard of raises yet, but i think after i've been there 90 days we talk about raises, and then again after a year... but not sure..

How much does a us bank teller earn?

I have been a Bank Teller for 7 years, when I started I made $7.10/hr over the years I have increased to $9.96/hr. I work for a bank that operates 86 banking offices in the states of West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In addition, the banking company also operates an insurance company, and a full service broker/dealer, that also operates, a discount brokerage operation.