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The chainring by the pedals and the sprocket(s) by the rear wheel.

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A bike chain has gaps in it, and a sprocket has teeth on it. The teeth fit inside the gaps of the chain, making it stay in place and transfer power.

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Q: How does a bike chain stay on the sprocket?
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What dos first gear look like on a bike?

Chain is on the smallest sprocket on the crank and on the largest sprocket on the rear wheel

What speed chain is used in a normal bike?

If by "normal" you mean a bike with one chainwheel at the front and one sprocket at the rear, then it will have either a 1/8" or a 3/32" width chain.

If i change the size of a sprocket on a bmx bike will i have to change anything else?

You might have to either lengthen or shorten the chain, depending on if you're getting a bigger or smaller sprocket.

The rear socket on my mens Schwinn high timber bike keeps turning when I stop pedaling causing the chain to fall off what is wrong with my bike?

The bent sprocket is guiding the chain diagonally causing it to be unparalleled with the front sprocket, you will either need to purchase a new rear sprocket or find a way to bend the rear one back straight

What is the difference between sprocket and chain wheel?

Sprocket and chain and what?

If you have a twentyeight tooth sprocket what cog should you get?

First of all, the rest of the cycling community calls the thing by the rear wheel for sprocket, and the thing by the pedals for chain ring or chain wheel - but I understand what you mean. And only you can answer your original question, as it depends on how you want your bike to behave. If you want more top speed - go for a smaller sprocket. If you want quicker starts - go for a bigger sprocket. If you don't have one - read up on the specs for a bike for the type of riding you want to do - then get the same for your bike.

What is the chain length of pulsar bike?

No way to tell, as it will be different depending on bike size and sprocket tooth count. Bike chains are always sold overly long and are then cut to size.

What is the chain on a bike on?

On the front it's usually called a chainwheel or a chainring, on the rear it's either a sprocket, a cassette, or a freewheel.

I got a mini harley they call it mini bike how so you put a chain saw motor on it been tryn cant get it and where would i get a sprocket for a drive chain and not a cutting chain?

you stupid diennie

How do you install a front sprocket on a Honda dirt bike?

Press down the rear foot brake and use a breaker bar or large ratchet with correct size socket to loosen nut on front sprocket. (never use impact wrench NEVER EVER!)Once you get the nut broken loose. Unclip your chain and put the gear in neutral and pull the chain through and set it aside. Put clutch in first gear and continue to ratchet loose the nut. Loosen nut all the way. Change out the sprocket. Tighten nut as much as you can with bike in gear. Put your bike back in neutral and feed your chain around the sprocket pulling it through and resting both sides of it on the rear sprocket where you will reclip the master link. Meeting both sides of the chain on the rear sprocket will make it easy to clip as the rear sprocket holds your chain for you. Once master link in chain is clipped. Step on the rear brake and crank down to spec lbs on the front sprocket bolt. If you don't know the foot lbs.. just make sure its real tight. Your done!

What are teeth on bmx?

In the drive train you have the front chainwheel/ring and the rear sprocket that both engage the chain. The pointy bits on sprocket and chainwheel which allows the chain to grip are called teeth. The ratio between the tooth counts is what determines which gear ratio the bike has.

Putting a new chain on a mountain bike where is first gear?

First gear on a bicycle with external/derailer gears is with the chain on the smallest chainwheel(by the pedals) and the biggest sprocket(by the rear wheel).