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It is simply by instinct. No one teaches the bird to fly south for the winter. The bird is just born with knowing what to do when its time to migrate.

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What is the migration of the Ulysses butterfly?

well they do but i went to the Internet and a lot of things came up and i don't know what to think but oh well they migrate to a place. i know that place its the place they migrate.

How long does it take for birds to migrate?

The time that it takes for a bird to migrate depends on where the bird is travelling from. A bird migrating from Maine will take longer to migrate than a bird travelling from somewhere such as North Carolina.

Do black bird migrate to Asia?

i dont Know yhu WeIrdo , Why dO yHu Wanna Know Huh Yuh FrEaK

Is duck is a migrate bird?


If a bird doesn't migrate where does it live in the winter?

If it does not migrate it stays where it was in the summer.

Why does bird migrate?

birds migrate because of the climate/weather change.

How does permafrost help bird migration?

Permafrost helps bird migrations by causing them to migrate to warmer areas. When birds migrate it keeps the bird population up.

Do jaguars migrate?

no cause there not bird

Why bird migrate?

because they like to

Where do Ruff migrate?

Ruff is a bird

Do Jaguar migrate?

no cause there not bird

Do the animals migrate?

Yes,like bird,they migrate due to the impending of winter. :):)

Does a heron bird migrate?

It depends what species, if your talking about the Grey Heron, then no it does not migrate.

What do a fish and a bird have in common?

they both migrate

Does a blue bird migrate?

sorry i cant answer that

Where does the koel bird migrate in winter?

in trees

Where did the dodo bird migrate?

In india at baroda

Is kiwi a migratory bird?

No. Kiwi do not migrate.

Do all bird migrate?

No, robins for one do not.

Where did migrate bird geese live?


What are the reason why cuckoo bird migrate to India?

The reason why cuckoo bird migrate to india is to escape from winter they fly to warmer areas like india

Why do the migratory bird warbler migrate?

Like most bird species - they migrate to warmer areas during winter - and return to their native country in the spring.

Do donkeys migrate?

No, donkeys do not migrate. They move from place to place but not for migrational reasons.

Why do the bird blue cheeked bee eater migrate to India?

To beat the winter of the country from where they migrate

What is a sentence with the word migrate?

That particular type of bird will migrate through here twice a year.