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Call and ask your agent

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Q: How does a careless driving ticket affect insurance in Minnesota?
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How will a careless driving ticket in New Jersey with New Jersey registration and insurance but a Kansas license affect your DMV or insurance points?

The current age of driving in New Jersey is 17.

How will a 3-point careless driving ticket for a 17 year old in Michigan affect car insurance rates his driver's license?

it will defiantly affect the premiums and depending on the insurance company they might drop him.

How will a careless driving ticket affect insurance premiums in Pennsylvania?

It made my premium increase by over $300/6mo! I had no prior tickets and had a pretty clean record. GRRRR!

Will a speeding ticket in California affect your insurance rates in Connecticut?

All driving infractions affect your insurance. Drive safely!

If you get a speeding ticket while driving someone else's car will it affect her insurance and will her insurance company be notified?

- If you get a speeding ticket while driving someone else's car will it affect her insurance. - No affect her insurance. You pay the fine or you go to court for that. - will her insurance company be notified? - No. If you drive her car with the expired lisence plate you pay the fine.

How does filing an accident report affect your driving record and insurance if you are not filing an insurance claim?

It goes on your record and your insurance rates get adjusted.

How do car driving convictions affect the cost of your insurance?

Car driving convictions affect the cost of one's insurance in the following way: the more conviction one has, the higher the price is for insurance, since one is more likely to make an accident again.

In Ontario how much does a speeding ticket affect your insurance?

It depends on your driving record and how many tickets you've had in the past. If you have a good record chances are the ins. company may not know about the speeding ticket. Also how much over the speed limit will affect the cost and if you have to go to court for any charges like wreckless, dangerous, or careless driving or if you were drinking or not.GOOD LUCK

Who does drinking and driving affect?

everyone is affected by drinking and driving, many people loose lives because of the careless people that we have in this world. some may even loose their minds by brain damages from an car accident that might have happened to them just because people are very careless

If you bumped into a friend's car and there was no damage but the police wrote you a ticket for careless driving what will happen with your insurance?

Depends on the kind of insurance you have. There are two types of insurance - mutual and standard. Mutual is a kind where your premium changes based on your claims. Tickets and other minor violations doesnt affect it much. On the other hand if you have a standard insurance, the premium might change for every violation reported as well as any claims.

Can a loss of driving privileges for possession of marijuana when you are not in a vehicle affect your insurance?

Having your license in suspended status will affect the insurance, some will not even insure until the license is reinstated - but the reason it was suspended will not affect your insurance due to the fact that it was not a movingviolations.

Will a road toll violation affect my car insurance?

Generally not. Most companies do not change your insurance rate for non-driving violations.

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