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When the temperature of air is cooled or reduced the relative humidity (RH) increases. The moisture content of the air remains the same until the RH rises to the point of 100% saturation and condensation occurs.

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Q: How does a change in temperature affect relative humidity and specific humidity?
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Related questions

How does temperature affect relative humidity?

Temperature affects relative humidity because the colder the temperature the less moisture the air can hold, therefor giving you a lower relative humidity

What factors affect the relative humidity?

Just the quantum of moisture in the atmosphere, and its temperature.

How does altitude affect humidity?

Higher altitudes tend to have higher relative humidity. That is because relative humidity is determined by the amount of water in the air divided by the maximum amount the air at the current temperature can hold. Therefore the relative humidity is only affected by the temperature. The link to altitude is that higher altitudes tend to have lower temperatures, and the air at lower temperatures can hold less water. Therefore the denominator in the relative humidity is less making the relative humidity higher.

How is humidity affected by temperature?

there is no affect of humidity by its temperature!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What factors affect or determine the relative humidity of the air?

Pretty sure it's the amount of water vapor in the air, and the dewpoint temperature.

Does humidity in the winter make the temperature warmer or colder?

The humidity level does not affect the temperature.

What is the effect of humidity and temperature on radioactive elements?

Temperature and humidity do not affect radioactive decay.

How does the temperature and the humidity related to affect each other?

Relative Humidity is the ratio of the mass of vapour present in a certain volume of air to the mass of water vapour required to saturate the same volume of air at the same temperature. Another way of defining relative humidity is related to dew point. I.e relative humidity=s.v.p at dew point over s.v.p at air temperature multiply by 100%. And dew point is dependent upon prevalent atmospheric conditions like TEMPERATURE,wind and the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere.

How would a lower temperature affect the rate of evaporation?

It really depends on the Relative humidity and the atmospheric pressure to how fast the water will evaporate, low temperature although will impede evaporation

Does relative humidity affect how long soap bubbles last?


Does temperature affect humidity?

yes when the temperature is high the humidity decreases and when temperature is low the humidity increases.

How does relative humidity affect how a person feels when he is outside?


What is the right temperature for hatching eggs?

The best incubation is done with an ambient temperature of 100.5 degrees F and a relative humidity of 50% or better. Large differences either way will affect the rate of hatch.

How does temperature affect humidity?

Temperature does have a direct effect on relative humidity. ( just to make the water vapor move faster when war and slower when cool). As temperature goes up, the ability of the air to hold more gas goes up, so relative humidity goes down (unless more water vapor is being added). very good answer if you don't trust it. i got an A on a take home test with this answer Temperature affects humidity when they take place in the Dew point when water vapour changes to liquid. At this temperature humidity is high. The higher the temp, the more water vapor can be carried in air. Thus if you heat air (as is done in the winter) the relative humidity drops ... the air seems dryer even though the total amount of water vapor is unchanged.

What are things that can affect the rate of weathering?

Temperature and humidity

What will affect the rate at which a swimming suit dries?

The temperature will affect it. So will the humidity.

What is the affect of cooling on humidity ratio?

Cooler air cannot hold as much water vapor as the same volume of warmer air, so as the air temperature drops, the relative humidity increases, even when the amount of water vapor in a certain volume of air, or absolute humidity, remains unchanged. If the relative humidity reaches 100%, the air has all the water vapor that it is able to hold. If the temperature continues to drop beyond that point, the excess moisture in the air condenses as dew or frost.

What effects humidity?

Humidity is the air's ability to absorb water and the amount of water vapor in the air. Temperature and season can affect humidity.

What are the factors that affect climate in the Philippines?

temperature,humidity and rainfall

How does air temperature affect humidity?

How does temperature affect humity? The mount of water vapor that air can hold depends on the temperature of the air.

What abiotic factor affect mushroom?

Temperature, humidity, and rainfall are abiotic factors that affect mushrooms.

What are three factors that affect how fast water evaporates?

Temperature, humidity and wind speed.

What affects the rate of weathering?

Temperature and humidity affect the rate of weathering.

What affects the colour of a flower?

Temperature and humidity affect the color of a flower

3 factors that affect air pressure?

Altitude, temperature and humidity.