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like any other woman but with wide hip bones

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Q: How does a cruvey women skeleton look like?
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What is a skeleton watch and what do they look like?

A skeleton is a building made up off bones

What does a naga look like?

Naga looks like a skeleton of a dragonoid.

What does a bee skeleton look like?

it looks the shape of are body

How do you look like a skeleton on World of Warcraft?

Noggenfogger potion

What does a penguins skeleton look like?

a long beak and like a humon body

What does a body look like in a year after buried?

It looks like bones and skeleton

What does an ants skeleton look like?

They don't have bones, and they wear their skeleton on the outside - exoskeleton the material is called chitin

What does the Tasmanian devil's skeleton look like?

it looks bony

How you will look if you are just bones?

Very thin and dead. Like a skeleton.

What does the skeleton of a giraffe look like?

Like a giraffe...that hasn't eaten in a few years...

What does a velociraptor skull look like?

it looks like an human body skeleton with a big microbe.

How does skeleton look like?

A skeleton looks like just like your face, but with bones, much more features there are no 'eyeball bones" and there is a nose bone but there is no form of your nose, since that is cartilage.