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checkig all your pulses

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Q: How does a doctor check your peripheral circulation?
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What has the author Robert L Richards written?

Robert L Richards has written: 'The peripheral circulation in health and disease' -- subject(s): Peripheral circulation, Peripheral vascular diseases

What is the explanation for the term total peripheral resistance?

Total peripheral resistance is the sum of the resistance of all peripheral vasculature in the systemic circulation.

The most numerous white blood cells in peripheral circulation are the?


What is another word for peripheral?

Please check out the related link for synonyms of "peripheral".

What condition is due to poor circulation and is associated with peripheral vascular disease?

Intermittent Claudication

Are lymphocytes the most numerous WBC's in peripheral circulation?

No, Neutrophils would be the most numerous.

What are the major issues regarding smoking and dementia?

The narrowing of the peripheral circulation, including brain circulation may lead to dementia in predisposed individuals.

Why would a doctor check the pulse in the foot?

in order to see if your basic circulation is good before doing a PAD test

What is a posterior tibial pulse?

Posterior tibial pulse is a pulse that can be felt on the inside (big toe side) of your ankle. It is just below and behind the medial malleolus (that big bony part that sticks out on the inside part of your ankle). Usually felt by a doctor to check how well your peripheral circulation is working.

What is the problem when fingers are white when blanched and that color does not return for 4 seconds?

there is a problem on peripheral circulation

How does smoking effect peoples' skin?

By narrowing the peripheral circulation which delivers blood to the skin cells.

During CPR where do you check for circulation?

For lay (community) CPR, there is no circulation check at all for an Adult. If no breathing, and after 2 breaths, go directly to CPR for an Adult. Do not stop CPR to check for circulation. For a Child, check circulation at carotid artery. For an Infant, check the brachial artery.

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