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She breeds with a male Betta Fish.

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Q: How does a female betta fish get pregnant?
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Can a male betta fish get pregnant?

The male fish will take care of the young, once the female lays the eggs then remove the female from the tank or the male betta will injure or kill her. Can a male betta fish get pregnant ? The answer is no.

How do you tell if your betta fish is pregnant?

Female betta fish lay eggs. If the female has vertical stripes that stand out, she is going to lay her eggs soon.

What are signs of a female Betta fish being pregnant?

they are spawners. they dont get "pregnant"

How long are betta fish pregnant?

Betta fish do not get pregnant Once a female releases her eggs the male fertilises them and places them in a bubble nest that he has made prior to mating

What does a blue female betta fish look like?

This is a female Betta fish.

What does it mean when your female betta fish has a big belly?

Sorry there either sick or pregnant

A picture of a pregnant betta fish?

It's impossible for a female to be pregnant. They are egg layers. Females can be eggy, though.

Can betta fish get pregnant?


How do you tell a male betta fish from a female betta fish?

Normally the male betta fish has much longer flowing fins than the female.

When do you start noticing a betta is pregnant?

a female Betta is always pregnant!! But u will start to notice vertical lines on its body like this!!!!!!!!!! not like this ---------. if they are horizontal then your fish is stressed out

How can you tell if a baby betta fish is male or female?

The female betta fish has vagina lips on its anus.

How do you know if your Betta Fish is pregnant?

You can only tell if the Betta male makes a bubble nest at the top of the tank. That means that the betta female is going tohave their eggs.

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