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The mother's blood brings digested food and oxygen to the placenta. Here her blood vessels split up into capillaries and the food and oxygen diffuse across into the baby's blood capillaries, which join together to make the umbilical vein, which goes through the umbilical cord to the baby. In some ways, the mother provides the baby with what it needs in the same way as she does any part of her own body.

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Q: How does a fetus get oxygen and food whilst in the womb?
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Which organ allows a mothers and a babies blood to exchange food and oxygen whilst it is in the womb?


Through which tube does a baby get food or oxygen from its mother whilst it is in the womb?

While in the womb the baby gets everything it needs from the mother through the umbilical cord.

Does a child in the womb breathe?

No; the fetus gets its oxygen from the mother, via the umbilical cord.

How does the fetus get oxygen and nutrients and how does the fetus get eggs?

Via the umbilical vein which connects to the placenta in the womb of the host mother

How does food pass through the mother to get to the fetus to feed of off?

The baby is connected by the umbilical cord to the placenta. The placenta is attached to the inside of the womb. Blood carries food through the blood vessels in the wall of the womb and the blood vessels of the placenta absorb the food.

How is the fetus connected to the placenta?

the fetus is the baby and the placenta is how the baby gets nutrients or food while in the womb, there is a tube that connects from the placenta to the fetus bellybutton

What is the use of placenta?

The placenta is what gives the baby blood, nutrients and oxygen from the mother while in the womb. Without the placenta, the baby would have no way of surviving.

What is the fluid that carries food and oxygen to the womb?

Amniotic fluid

How does a fetus get nourishment up until the time it is born?

The fetus inside of a mother's womb receives nourishment via the umbilical cord from the food the mother ingests.

What is area of gas exchange in fetus?

this is the function of the placenta, the mothers blood flows through capillaries that run very close to capillaries filled with the fetus' blood and the gases diffuse across due to the higher oxygen affinity of fetal haemoglobin.

Where the fetus developed?

mother's womb

What are the functions of the womb?

The womb is where the baby/fetus is able to grow inside the female. The fetus can then collect nutrients from the mother via the umbilical cord, which connects the fetus with the endometrial lining.