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How does a gateway function do?

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Gateway is software placed in the router. Its function is protocol translation. When we need to connect two networks based on different protocols, then gateway is used by default. It acts as an entrance To see the default gateway of your system in cmd (command prompt), type "ipconfig." It shows the default gateway.

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Does hub have a default gateway?

A hub doesn't function as a gateway, the easiest way to get a gateway is to use something like a Linksys or Netgear router, they will function as the gateway as well as add another layer of security between your network and the outside world.

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In a network it is simply a point of entry or exit in a network, enabling connection to other networks. The internet is a lot of individual networks connected together. The point of connection can be a gateway. To access a network, you need to know its gateway and all data going out passes through the gateway.more often than not, a gateway is being done for monitoring purposes...sometimes, in a wireless network, or wifi, gateway proxies are being input to connect in such wireless network...

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