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How does a girl kiss a boy?

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April 30, 2014 6:56AM

Start talking first then get closer then touch him and rub your hands on him and then start kissing on his neck then his lips

Alright I'm a dude I dont want some chick giving me a hickey. I think you should place your hand on him -probobly upper leg- look him in the eye then close your eyes and slowly move toward his face with puckered lips. He'll know what to do.

There's a difference between kissing and biting someones neck! If all you are doing is kissing then you will not give him a hickey. Whereas if you are planning to playfully nibble or bite his neck you might give him a hickey. Also to answer the question just talk to him and say something like you have really nice eyes or something that will give you an excuse to lean in close to his face, then if it feels right just lean forward and kiss. Also personally only close your eyes and/or pucker your lips at the last minute, it makes it a little more personal.

The first one is just like making out, the second one is right if you want to do it the easy way, and my way is when you start talking just gaze at each other's eye and get closer, he will know what to do and then you kiss!