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the chlorophyll chemical

Chlorophyll: is a chemical that makes the color of the plant so it does not dehydrate

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Q: How does a leaf prevent from dehydrating?
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What plant leaf is adapted to prevent water loss?

Most of their stomata are on the underside of the leaf.

Process of removing water from the air?

a dehydrating agent

What is the outer covering of a leaf?

cuticle is the thick layer outside the leaf to prevent loss of water.

What is the purpose of boiling the leaf in water?

Have some canned spinach, which is boiled spinach leaves, tonight and find out.

Where are the stomata located in dicot?

Underside the leaf to prevent excess transpiration

Why might a desert leaf have a wax covering?

prevent water loss

What is the first structure to prevent water loss in the leaf?


Who discovered a leaf cell?

The leaf cell was destroyed by early scientists to prevent further corruption of the epic duck. totally legit.

When dehydrating meat where does the moisture go?

Most of the moisture evaporates when dehydrating foods, with very little actually draining from the food.

Why does some aquatic plants have hairy leaf surfaces?

To prevent water loss

What do you do to prevent leaf curl as all my seedlings and boganios are getting it and then they die?


What two structures in plants leaves help prevent the loss of water?

The two structures in plant leaves that prevent the loss of water are stomata (located in the bottom part of the leaf) and the epidermis (covers the top and bottom of the leaf).